(PhysOrg.com) -- EADS is looking to release an entirely electricity powered plane by the year 2035. The plane, which has been dubbed the VoltAir, was shown off at the Paris Air Show, which took place last week. The Paris Air Show is one of the largest aviation shows in the world.

The VoltAir is going to be powered by a pair of li-ion batteries that are nestled below the nose of the . These batteries will, obviously, be significantly larger than the ones currently found in electric land and water vehicles. The power provided will then be sent to a set of co-axial, counter-rotating that are located at the back of the plane.

Since the plane will not rely on a traditional it is expected to be noticeably quieter than the current generation of planes, with the majority of the noise coming from the propellers. It also means that refueling is as simple as taking out one set of batteries and replacing them with a new pair.

EADS says the concept could become a reality in 20 years.

Of course, the VoltAir's future is not exactly written in stone. The technology that fuels the system relies heavily on the use of several High-Temperature Superconducting (HTS) materials, which are only in the early stages of development. While at this point technology has been showing rapid improvements its use of this scale is by no means a sure thing. If it does work however the prospect of a low-emission flight would certainly be an attractive one, since currently flying on a plane is one of the least environmentally friendly methods of travel available.