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Researchers take a novel approach to snakebite treatment

Researchers at LSTM's Alistair Reid Venom Research Unit are looking at treatment for snakebite in a completely different way and have shown that it is possible to treat the bite from one snake with antivenom produced from ...

How vampire bats survive on a diet of blood

It may seem batty, but blood is the diet of choice for several species of bats. Now, scientists discover that jumping genes provide the evolutionary key to this vampiric life.

Giant group of octopus moms discovered in the deep sea

We know more about the surface of the moon that we do about the bottom of the ocean. The sea floor is an alien landscape, with crushing pressure, near-total darkness, and fluids wafting from cracks in the Earth's crust. It's ...

Smooth dance moves confirm new bird-of-paradise species

Newly publicized audiovisuals support full species status for one of the dancing birds-of-paradise in New Guinea. This new species, called the Vogelkop Superb Bird-of-Paradise, is found only in the island's far-western Bird's ...

Powerful flare detected on an M-dwarf star
How the building blocks of life may form in space
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Why we need erasable MRI scans
Watching nanomaterials form in 4-D
Fungus senses gravity using gene borrowed from bacteria
Airborne dust threatens human health in Southwest
Electrogates offer stop-and-go control in microfluidics
A switch in ocean circulation that helped end the Ice Age

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