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Sea swamps Bangladesh at one of world's fastest rates

After cyclone gales tore down his home in 2007, Bangladeshi fisherman Abdul Aziz packed up what was left of his belongings and moved about half a kilometer inland, further away from storm surge waves.

Stressed out: how to measure dangerous heat

In the hottest year on record, with scorching conditions claiming lives from India to Mexico and Greece sweltering in its earliest-ever heat wave, experts are sounding the alarm over heat stress.

Study finds yuck factor counteracts sustainable laundry habits

Most people today would lean towards environmentally-friendly life choices, but not at the expense of being clean. When it comes to our washing habits, the fear of being perceived as dirty often wins out over the desire to ...

Ancient ocean slowdown warns of future climate chaos

When it comes to the ocean's response to global warming, we're not in entirely uncharted waters. A UC Riverside study shows that episodes of extreme heat in Earth's past caused the exchange of waters from the surface to the ...

A conservation market could incentivize global ocean protection

The countries of the world have agreed: Our planet needs more protection from human activity. And with the globe facing an assortment of environmental crises, they realized the plan needed to be ambitious. Thirty-by-thirty ...

Study reveals cirrus cloud traits over the South China Sea

The radiative climate and environmental effects of cirrus clouds is an international cutting-edge field of scientific research in the atmospheric sciences. Understanding how the characteristics of cirrus clouds over the ocean ...

Taylor Swift made 'ground shaking' UK debut: Seismologists

Taylor Swift fans literally made the earth move as the US singer-songwriter began her UK tour, the British Geological Survey said on Thursday, with seismic activity recorded six kilometers (nearly four miles) away.

Mine makeovers: How to turn pits into healthy habitats

Open-cast mines could be converted from blots on the landscape into havens for wildlife, with land restored straight after digging finishes, a new primer on post-mining landscapes has proposed.

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Satellite data reveal anomalies up to 19 days before 2023 Turkey earthquake
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High-precision measurements challenge our understanding of Cepheids
Cell & Microbiology
Permanent gene edits to tardigrades help shed light on their amazing resilience
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Pair plasmas found in deep space can now be generated in the lab
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Sweaty cattle may boost food security in a warming world
Watery planets orbiting dead stars may be good candidates for studying life—if they can survive long enough
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Physicists report optical analog of Kármán vortex street
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NASA's Perseverance fords an ancient river to reach science target
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Engineered plants produce human milk sugars that could lead to healthier baby formula
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Research reveals plant pathogens repurpose phage elements for bacterial warfare
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New method enables fast crystal structure analysis of intrinsically disordered proteins
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New road lights, fewer dead insects—insect-friendly lighting successfully tested
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Fans of long-running TV show experienced grief similar to losing a close friend when show ended, study finds
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Researchers accidentally discover that mixing water with a peptide results in self-assembling and self-healing glass
Vitamin B6: New compound could delay degradation
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Quantum data assimilation offers new approach to weather prediction
Isotope study suggests men and women had equal access to resources 6,000 years ago
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Researchers tune Casimir force using magnetic fields
Giant deep-sea vent tubeworm symbionts use two carbon fixation pathways to grow at record speeds
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Summer slumber: How seeds go dormant to combat harsh conditions
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Researchers discover mysterious mini-Neptunes