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Projecting the impacts of climate change

How might climate change affect the acidification of the world's oceans or air quality in China and India in the coming decades, and what climate policies could be effective in minimizing such impacts? To answer such questions, ...

dateFeb 14, 2018 in Environment
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Rash of forest fires breaks out in Indonesia

Indonesia was battling a rash of forest fires Wednesday as it raised an alert over the blazes which occur every year and emit choking smog that can envelop neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia.

Land use change has warmed the Earth's surface

Recent changes to vegetation cover are causing the Earth's surface to heat up. Activities like cutting down evergreen forests for agricultural expansion in the tropics create energy imbalances that lead to higher local surface ...

Trump's energy dominance and the future of fossil fuels

The Trump Administration is doing everything it can to encourage drilling for fossil fuels on federal lands and everywhere else. They are reversing regulations on methane release, deep-sea drilling rigs and anything else ...

Researchers map high levels of drugs in the Hudson River

In a new study, researchers have mapped out a stew of discarded pharmaceuticals dissolved throughout the Hudson River. They say that in some places, levels may be high enough to affect aquatic life. The research appears ...

Identifying super corals through DNA analysis

A Ph.D. student from EPFL will spend three months in New Caledonia for a research project supported by the International Coral Reef Initiative. He will share his experience on the EPFL Out There blog.

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