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Unraveling mysteries of the ocean from space

Using nearly a decade of satellite data, researchers at Colorado State University have uncovered "milky seas" in a way they've never been seen before—a rare and fascinating oceanic bioluminescent phenomenon detected by ...

Could residential heat pumps be part of the climate solution?

Deploying residential heat pumps more widely across the United States has the potential to help reduce carbon pollution while also saving homeowners money, according to a new study by a University of Michigan researcher and ...

California wildfire flares but within line crews have built

California's largest wildfire so far this year was flaring up Friday but it was because the flames were chewing through unburned islands of vegetation within a perimeter that firefighters have built, authorities said.

In heat emergency, Greece adds checks for fires, power cuts

Greek authorities ordered additional fire patrols and infrastructure maintenance inspections Friday as the country grappled with a heat wave fed by hot air from Africa that is expected to last more than a week.

How fire today will impact water tomorrow

In 2020, Colorado battled the four largest wildfires in its history, leaving residents anxious for another intense wildfire season this year. 

Forest fires rage near Turkish resorts, killing four

Four people were reported dead Thursday and more than 180 injured as thousands of firefighters battled huge blazes spreading across the Mediterranean resort regions of Turkey's southern coast.

More carbon emissions will kill more people; here's how many

A just-published study coins a new metric: the "mortality cost of carbon." That is, how many future lives will be lost—or saved—depending on whether we increase or decrease our current carbon emissions. If the numbers ...

Geologists take Earth's inner temperature using erupted sea glass

If the Earth's oceans were drained completely, they would reveal a massive chain of undersea volcanoes snaking around the planet. This sprawling ocean ridge system is a product of overturning material in the Earth's interior, ...

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Forest fires rage near Turkish resorts, killing three
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Image: Hubble spots squabbling galactic siblings
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Bird brains left other dinosaurs behind
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World's first commercial re-programmable satellite blasts into space
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US watchdog upholds SpaceX's Moon lander contract
In the absence of genetic variation, asexual invasive species find new methods of adapting to their environment
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