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A new 'gold standard' for safer ceramic coatings

Making your own ceramics can be a way to express your creativity, but some techniques and materials used in the process could spell bad news for your health and the environment. If not prepared properly, some glazed ceramics ...

'Whiskey webs' are the new 'coffee ring effect'

Spilled coffee forms a ring as the liquid evaporates, depositing solids along the edge of the puddle. This "coffee ring effect" has fascinated scientists for decades, but now a team says they have uncovered the mechanism ...

A nanoscale device to generate high-power terahertz waves

Terahertz (THz) waves fall between microwave and infrared radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum, oscillating at frequencies of between 100 billion and 30 trillion cycles per second. These waves are prized for their distinctive ...

A genetic nano-toolkit for the generation of new biomaterials

Magnetic bacteria might soon be used for the production of novel biomaterials. A team of microbiologists at the University of Bayreuth led by Prof. Dr. Dirk Schüler developed a modular system for the genetic reprogramming ...

Crumpled graphene makes ultra-sensitive cancer DNA detector

Graphene-based biosensors could usher in an era of liquid biopsy, detecting DNA cancer markers circulating in a patient's blood or serum. But current designs need a lot of DNA. In a new study, crumpling graphene makes it ...

Opening a new chapter in antibody mimetics

Antibodies are proteins that act as recognition molecules for pathogens, like viruses and bacteria, and are the workhorses of the body's immune system. They recognize specific molecules and bind to them very strongly, which ...

Research team produces new nanosheets for near infrared imaging

Egyptian blue is one of the oldest manmade colour pigments. It adorns, for instance, the crown of the world famous bust of Nefertiti. But the pigment can do even more. An international research team led by Dr. Sebastian Kruss ...

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