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Fossils reveal unseen 'footprint' maker

Fossils found in Morocco from the long-extinct group of sea creatures called trilobites, including rarely seen soft-body parts, may be previously unseen animals that left distinctive fossil 'footprints' around the ancient ...

dateJan 17, 2017 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Study finds links between swearing and honesty

It's long been associated with anger and coarseness but profanity can have another, more positive connotation. Psychologists have learned that people who frequently curse are being more honest. Writing in the journal Social ...

dateJan 16, 2017 in Social Sciences
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Mathematicians bring ocean to life for Disney's 'Moana'

UCLA mathematics professor Joseph Teran, a Walt Disney consultant on animated movies since 2007, is under no illusion that artists want lengthy mathematics lessons, but many of them realize that the success of animated movies ...

What do Google search queries reveal about brand attitudes?

It has been widely thought that brand search volume—the counts of queries that a search engine receives from users that include specific brand names, like "iPhone"—can predict sales for that brand. Google makes this information ...

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