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Grassy beginning for earliest Homo

In 2013, an ASU research team found the oldest known evidence of our own genus, Homo, at Ledi-Geraru in the lower Awash Valley of Ethiopia. A jawbone with teeth was dated to 2.8 million years ago, about 400,000 years earlier ...

dateMay 15, 2017 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Coroners unable to agree on what caused a person's death

A former top detective turned University of Huddersfield researcher has published his findings that coroners in England and Wales are seemingly unable to agree on what caused a person's death or whether it merits an inquest, ...

How dinosaurs may have evolved into birds

Tohoku University researchers and their international collaborators have identified a possible genetic mechanism underlying the evolution of birds, according to a recently published study in Nature Communications.

Stop lying to your 4-year-old, new Stanford study says

Pretty much every parent of a young child has told the occasional white lie to preserve his or her sanity. You might, for example, say "I went to the bank" and leave out the fact that you also stopped for frozen yogurt to ...

Religious devotion as predictor of behavior

Robert Lynch, a postdoctoral fellow in anthropology, says the level of devotion one feels toward religious beliefs can predict how that person likely will interact with members of his own group or with members outside of ...

What bone proteomics could reveal about the dead

Studying bones has helped scientists reconstruct what dinosaurs and other extinct creatures looked like. Taking this further, scientists recently started identifying proteins from bones to glean more information about remains. ...

The competition between airlines and high-speed trains

A team of researchers from two Spanish universities, UPM and URJC, in collaboration with MIT researchers, has developed a mathematical model that assesses the competition between both legacy and low-cost airlines, and high-speed ...

Half of mayoral elections in six US states are unopposed

Approximately half of mayoral elections in six U.S. states are unopposed, and unopposed elections are on the rise, according to a report from the Center for Local Elections in American Politics (LEAP), part of Rice University's ...

Conch shells spill the secret to their toughness
SDO sees partial eclipse in space
Why communication is vital—even among plants and funghi
Toward mass-producible quantum computers
The high cost of communication among social bees
Knowledge gap on the origin of sex
New technology could revolutionize 3-D printing
NASA discovers a new mode of ice loss in Greenland
Chemists synthesize molecular pretzels
Modifying cell wall can increase bacterial lipids
Collapsing star gives birth to a black hole
US beekeepers lost 33 percent of bees in 2016-17

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