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Curricular changes show success by fourth year

In a four-year study, a group of science faculty finds that student buy-in to a new curriculum, and therefore satisfaction, increases with each successive undergraduate cohort—and learning gains did not suffer. The researchers ...

dateJan 11, 2019 in Social Sciences
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Myth of Mona Lisa's magical gaze debunked

In science, the "Mona Lisa Effect" refers to the impression that the eyes of the person portrayed in an image seem to follow the viewer as they move in front of the picture. Two researchers from the Cluster of Excellence ...

dateJan 08, 2019 in Other
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Bringing medieval literature into the digital age

William Langland likely wouldn't know what to make of the latest way people are reading his poetry. In part, that's because Langland died in 1386. But it's also because his most famous work, Piers Plowman, is the subject ...

Fossil deposit is much richer than expected

It has long been known that a quarry near the Dutch town of Winterswijk is an Eldorado for fossil lovers. But even connoisseurs will be surprised just how outstanding the site actually is. A student at the University of Bonn, ...

The science of steak

Before you throw a hunk of meat on the barbie this summer, read our guide to the perfect steak.

New method contributes to better transport services

How the user perceives accessibility is an important factor in the development and evaluation of attractive and sustainable transport services. Despite this, the user perspective is generally left out in traditional accessibility ...

Why do some people believe the Earth is flat?

If you type 'flat Earth' into Google, you'd be joining a group of people that have helped to triple the search term over the last couple of years. In fact, a recent YouGov poll found that only around two-thirds of Americans ...

How governments use Big Data to violate human rights

The right to privacy has become a pressing human rights issue. And rightly so. Big data —combined with artificial intelligence and facial recognition software —has the capacity to intrude on people's lives in unprecedented ...

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