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How temp workers became the norm in America

Bought a vehicle lately? Ever wonder who assembled it? It turns out that on factory lines across the country, temporary workers are welding, testing and operating machines alongside permanent auto workers—and in many cases ...

Why is this line so long?

Warning: After reading this article, you will never again stand in a line without thinking about how to make your wait time shorter. And as an expert in operations management, I'm here to spread the word that sometimes a ...

Looters plunder Albania's sunken treasures

Albania's long underexplored coastal waters have become a hotspot for treasure hunters scooping up ancient pottery, sunken ship parts and other shell-encrusted relics that have lain on the seabed for centuries.

What happens when high achievers retire?

When we think of retirement, we usually conjure images of silver-haired folks playing golf, going on long vacations or taking daytime naps as a reward for a lifetime of work.

Activating a new understanding of gene regulation
Local drivers of amplified Arctic warming
How female hyaenas came to dominate males
Making X-ray microscopy 10 times faster
A solar sibling identical to the sun
Exploding stars make key ingredient in sand, glass
Gravitationally lensed quasars
Odd bodies, rapid spins keep cosmic rings close

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