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First violins imitated human voices: study

Music historians have long suspected that the inventors of the violin wanted to imitate the human voice, and a study out Monday shows how 16th to 18th century luthiers in Italy did it.

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Happiness makes hit songs: study

Hit songs today are "happier", more danceable and more likely to be sung by women than songs that fail to make it to the charts, a study into 30 years of musical evolution revealed Wednesday.

dateMay 16, 2018 in Social Sciences
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Nouns slow down our speech

Speakers hesitate or make brief pauses filled with sounds like "uh" or "uhm" mostly before nouns. Such slow-down effects are far less frequent before verbs, as UZH researchers working together with an international team have ...

dateMay 14, 2018 in Social Sciences
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Seduction: An industry selling men and women short

An industry training men in the art of seduction—estimated to be worth $100 million USD—encourages its clients to treat women and themselves as commodities in a sexual marketplace, a new study has found.

Disenfranchisement study impacts new voting rights laws

In March of this year, Washington State Governor Jay Inslee signed the Washington Voting Rights Act into law. The state's Voting Rights Act says that a jurisdiction is in violation of the law "…where there is a significant ...

Did Cambridge Analytica sway the election?

In the controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica—the political consulting firm that worked for Donald Trump's campaign—and Facebook, concerns about foreign governments interfering in U.S. elections and privacy violations ...

Why teams perform better with divergent perspectives

Team members aren't always going to agree with leaders' goals and strategies—but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In certain circumstances, having disagreement among teams, and the discourse that this disagreement elicits, ...

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