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'Go for launch': SpaceX, NASA set for milestone mission

SpaceX's landmark launch to the International Space Station—the first crewed mission to blast off from US soil in almost a decade and a first for the commercial sector—was set to proceed on time Wednesday, following weather ...

Historic SpaceX launch postponed because of stormy weather

The launch of a SpaceX rocket ship with two NASA astronauts on a history-making flight into orbit was called off with less than 17 minutes to go in the countdown Wednesday because of thunderclouds and the danger of lightning.

Cosmic bursts unveil universe's missing matter

Astronomers have used mysterious fast radio bursts to solve a decades-old mystery of "missing matter," long predicted to exist in the universe, but never before detected. The researchers have determined that all of the unaccounted ...

2 U.S. astronauts board SpaceX rocket for historic launch

With thunderstorms threatening a delay, two NASA astronauts climbed aboard a SpaceX rocket ship Wednesday for liftoff on a history-making flight that was seen as a giant leap forward for the booming business of commercial ...

SpaceX on cusp of launching astronauts, back on home turf

With bad weather threatening a delay, two NASA astronauts suited up for the launch of a SpaceX rocket ship Wednesday on a history-making flight to the International Space Station that was seen as a giant leap forward for ...

Terrestrial bacteria can grow on nutrients from space

In the past decade, there has been renewed thinking about human missions to the moon and perhaps even to Mars. Inevitably, terrestrial microorganisms on the bodies of astronauts, spaceships or equipment will come into contact ...

Astronomers recategorize asteroid-like comet

Recently discovered object 2019 LD2, originally believed to be the first cometary "Jupiter Trojan" asteroid by astronomers at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Institute for Astronomy turns out to be an interloper comet ...

Einstein's two mistakes

Scientific research is based on the relationship between the reality of nature, as it is observed, and a representation of this reality, formulated by a theory in mathematical language. If all the consequences of the theory ...

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