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Toyota heading to moon with cruiser, robotic arms, dreams

Toyota is working with Japan's space agency on a vehicle to explore the lunar surface, with ambitions to help people live on the moon by 2040 and then go live on Mars, company officials said Friday.

Image: Orbital resupply vehicle departs ISS

Astronauts aboard the International Space Station farewelled over 2000 kg of scientific experiments and hardware on Sunday 23 January as a cargo Dragon spacecraft began its return to Earth.

He won a trip to space. Then he gave it away to a friend

He told his family and a few friends. He dropped hints to a couple of colleagues. So hardly anyone knew that the airline pilot could have—should have—been on board when SpaceX launched its first tourists into orbit last ...

Astronomers to put James Webb Space Telescope through its paces

NASA's latest and snazziest mission, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), launched on Christmas Day, deployed its 21-foot-wide mirror a mere two weeks ago and reached its orbital destination earlier this week. With a flashy ...

Research investigated eclipsing binary V608 Cassiopeiae

Using the Sobaeksan Optical Astronomy Observatory (SOAO), Korean astronomers have performed photometric observations of a W UMa-type eclipsing binary known as V608 Cassiopeiae. Results of the observational campaign, published ...

Solar Orbiter catches a second comet by the tail

For the second time in its mission so far, the ESA/NASA Solar Orbiter spacecraft has flown through the tail of a comet. Predicted in advance by astronomers at University College London, UK, the spacecraft collected a wealth ...

Binary black hole spin behavior revealed using novel techniques

Research done at Cornell University has uncovered from gravitation wave data the first potential signs of spin-orbit resonances in binary black holes, a step toward understanding the mechanisms of supernovas and other big ...

Ancient ice reveals mysterious solar storm

Through analyzes of ice cores from Greenland and Antarctica, a research team led by Lund University in Sweden has found evidence of an extreme solar storm that occurred about 9,200 years ago. What puzzles the researchers ...

Visualization of a massive star's great eruption

A new astronomical visualization from NASA's Universe of Learning showcases the multiwavelength emissions (from infrared light through X-rays) and three-dimensional structures surrounding Eta Carinae, one of the most massive ...

Video: Are there oceans on other worlds?

Are there oceans on other worlds? Yes! Earth is not alone. When you look deeper into our solar system, there are worlds we suspect have oceans hidden beneath their icy surfaces.

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The alpha-rich giant stars with theoretical young ages have been treated as an abnormal population, since they cannot be understood in the canonical scheme of the Galactic chemical evolution.

Mid-level flare erupts from sun

The sun emitted a mid-level solar flare on Jan. 20, 2022, peaking at 1:01 a.m. EST. NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory, which watches the sun constantly, captured an image of the event.