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Measuring distance with a single photo

Most cameras just record colour but now the 3D shapes of objects, captured through only a single lens, can be accurately estimated using new software developed by UCL computer scientists.

date13 minutes ago in Engineering
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Cellular roots of anxiety identified

From students stressing over exams to workers facing possible layoffs, worrying about the future is a normal and universal experience. But when people's anticipation of bad things to come starts interfering with daily life, ...

date1 hour ago in Neuroscience
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Exciting Acoustics Simulation Stories

Engineers use COMSOL Multiphysics and COMSOL Server for innovative acoustics research. Read their stories in a special edition of COMSOL News.

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Zinc link in safer roof catchment rain

A new study of Wellington roof catchment rainwater has found that zinc in galvanised steel roofs can kill some bugs. But households concerned about the safety of emergency roof catchment rainwater in the event of an earthquake ...

Large-mouthed fish was top predator after mass extinction

The most catastrophic mass extinction on Earth took place about 252 million years ago – at the boundary between the Permian and Triassic geological periods. Up to 90 percent of the marine species of that time were annihilated. ...

Thais free 1,066 turtles to celebrate King's birthday

Hundreds of Thai schoolchildren and naval officers sent 1,066 turtles scuttling into the sea on Wednesday in a ceremony aimed at bringing good fortune to the new King Maha Vajiralongkorn, who turns 65 on Friday.

Image: Proba-V monitors African Sahel

ESA's Proba-V minisatellite reveals the seasonal changes in Africa's sub-Saharan Sahel, with the rainy season allowing vegetation to blossom between February (top) and September (bottom).

Toward additive manufacturing

Automation, robotics, advanced computer-aided design, sensing and diagnostic technologies have revolutionized the modern factory, allowing the building of complex products, from microchips to cars and even airplanes, with ...

Body ownership is not impaired in schizophrenia
Helping your children navigate activities of interest
Study finds mental health court curbs recidivism
How rhyming helps reading
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Cellular roots of anxiety identified
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NASA solves a drizzle riddle

A new NASA study shows that updrafts are more important than previously understood in determining what makes clouds produce drizzle instead of full-sized raindrops, overturning a common assumption.

Archaeology shows there's more to millet than birdseed

Archaeological research shows that our prehistoric ancestors built resilience into their food supply. Now archaeologists say 'forgotten' millet – a cereal familiar today as birdseed – has a role to play in modern crop ...

Measuring an animal's pain

A new device designed by engineers and veterinarians at Massey University seeks to change the way we understand animal pain, starting with sheep.

Image: Spectacular aurora from orbit

Expedition 52 Flight Engineer Jack Fischer of NASA shared photos and time-lapse video of a glowing green aurora seen from his vantage point 250 miles up, aboard the International Space Station.

Cognitive cross-training enhances learning, study finds
How texting can protect babies from sudden death
Lutein may counter cognitive aging, study finds
Scientists divulge latest in HIV prevention
Noninvasive oral fluid-based immunoassay IDs hepatitis E
Study: Yoga helps back pain among veterans
Autism severity detected with brain activity test

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