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Single-celled architects inspire new nanotechnology

Diatoms are tiny, unicellular creatures, inhabiting oceans, lakes, rivers, and soils. Through their respiration, they produce close to a quarter of the oxygen on earth, nearly as much as the world's tropical forests. In addition ...

date17 hours ago in Nanophysics
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Brown dwarf detected in the CoRoT-20 system

An international group of astronomers has discovered a new substellar object in the planetary system CoRoT-20. The newly identified object was classified as a brown dwarf due to its mass, which is greater than that of the ...

date21 hours ago in Astronomy report
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Forget joysticks—use your torso to pilot drones

Imagine piloting a drone using the movements of your torso only and leaving your head free to look around, much like a bird. EPFL research has just shown that using your torso to pilot flying machines is indeed more immersive—and ...

date14 hours ago in Engineering
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The freediving champions of the dolphin world

For the first time, researchers have explored the physiological adaptations that enable different populations of the same species of dolphin to vary in diving ability by almost 1000m. The research, published in two complementary ...

Japan's growing plutonium stockpile fuels fears

Japan has amassed enough plutonium to make 6,000 atomic bombs as part of a programme to fuel its nuclear plants, but concern is growing that the stockpile is vulnerable to terrorists and natural disasters.

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Maternal signals regulate embryo development in plants

While pregnancy in humans and seed development in plants look very different, parallels exist—not least that the embryo develops in close connection with the mother. In animals, a whole network of signals from the mother ...

Strikes in Europe on Amazon's Prime Day

Workers in Spain, Germany and Poland plan to walk off the job on Tuesday as online retailing giant Amazon carries out its major summer sales event called Prime Day.

Protecting ribosome genes to prevent aging

Aging is a process of gradual deterioration from exposure to time and the elements; this process begins with deterioration deep inside every cell. Researchers from Stanford University and the VA Palo Alto Health Care System ...

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