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'Appetite for drumsticks': First prey found in a tyrannosaur stomach

Prey has been discovered inside the stomach of a tyrannosaur skeleton for the first time, scientists said Friday, revealing that the mighty dinosaurs had an "appetite for drumsticks" when they were young.


A superconducting junction made from a single 2D material promises to harness strange new physics

Physicists at RIKEN have developed an electronic device that hosts unusual states of matter, which could one day be useful for quantum computation.

Polyethylene waste could be a thing of the past

An international team of experts undertaking fundamental research has developed a way of using polyethylene waste (PE) as a feedstock and converted it into valuable chemicals, via light-driven photocatalysis.

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How early farmers in Scandinavia overcame climate change

As the world faces the challenges of present-day climate change, scientific inquiry is, among other objectives, exploring how human societies navigate environmental variations at large. Investigating the past provides valuable ...

Snake charm: Four reasons to love snakes

Picture this: the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and you're enjoying a hike in nature. You haven't a care in the world until you round the corner on your favorite walking trail. And then you see it.