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Energy-saving LEDs boost light pollution worldwide

They were supposed to bring about an energy revolution—but the popularity of LED lights is driving an increase in light pollution worldwide, with dire consequences for human and animal health, researchers said Wednesday.

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ESA's latest technology CubeSat cleared for launch site

GomX-4B, ESA's latest and largest technology-testing CubeSat, will be launched from China early next year, together with the near-identical GomX-4A. The pair will test intersatellite communication links and propulsion while ...

Morocco to pray for rain

Parched Morocco which is heavily dependent on its agricultural sector is to hold prayers for rain Friday in mosques across the country under a royal decree.

Image: Wall of Hertz test chamber

These spiky carbon-impregnated foam pyramids, seen here in ESA's Hertz test chamber, cover the walls of facilities that simulate the endless void of space.

Tech education that pays, or you don't

With tuitions ever rising and student debt exploding to $1.45 trillion, there has been increased pressure on schools to demonstrate their value based on their success in placing graduates in good-paying jobs.

Smart tech makes smarter shoppers

Shops will find it pays to wise up to the ways smart technology upgrades customer experience. That's the message from a new study on how people shop.

Female physicians' spouses more likely to work
Data may weigh on pros/Cons of expanded care optometry
NTproBNP levels are significantly lower in blacks
Imaging technique shows Alzheimer's disease progress
Scientists find key to regenerating blood vessels
Infectious diseases A-Z: Antibiotics in farm animals

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Thunderstorms create radioactivity, scientists discover

Thunder and lightning have sparked awe and fear in humans since time immemorial. In both modern and ancient cultures, these natural phenomena are often thought to be governed by some of the most important and powerful gods ...

No, we aren't running out of new ideas

We've picked all the low hanging fruit when it comes to new ideas, and the world is set for more parsimonious times. This is the idea put forward in a recent research paper by Nicholas Bloom, John Van Reenen and their co-authors.

Angry Birds maker posts loss despite jump in sales

Finland's Rovio Entertainment, creator of the popular smartphone game Angry Birds, on Thursday posted a loss for the third quarter despite rising sales, as it increased its investments with a view to boost its winnings in ...

Small decisions for smaller waistlines
Rural women delay seeking help for domestic violence
Maternal GDM tied to child's cardiometabolic profile
CDC issues warning on contaminated raw milk
Immediate access to opioid agonists found cost-effective

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