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Finding keyholes in metals 3-D printing

Additive manufacturing's promise to revolutionize industry is constrained by a widespread problem: tiny gas pockets in the final product, which can lead to cracks and other failures.

date25 minutes ago in Engineering
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An exoplanet with an 11-hour orbit

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) was launched on April 18 of last year with the primary objective of discovering transiting planets smaller than Neptune around stars bright enough for spectroscopic investigations ...

date43 minutes ago in Astronomy
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Phantom limb sensation explained

After a limb amputation, brain areas responsible for movement and sensation alter their functional communication. This is the conclusion of a new study published today in Scientific Reports. According to the authors, from ...

date3 hours ago in Neuroscience
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Treatment to a T? Taking a 'BiTE' out of lung cancer

Immune cells called T cells are key components in the fight against cancer. However, they sometimes struggle to recognize cancerous cells or to launch an appropriate response against them. T cell activity can be tweaked to ...

date3 hours ago in Cancer
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Over 600 Multiphysics Papers and Presentations Now Available

See how multiphysics simulation is used in research and development and get inspired by the latest simulation projects in this online collection of technical papers and presentations.

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Low-cost drones fly to the rescue of the world's forests

Almost 1.6 billion people – more than a quarter of the global population – rely on forests for their livelihood. Of this number, it's said that around 60 million indigenous people are almost entirely dependent on forests ...

New instrument unravels landscape longevity

How many years can a mountain exist? Bob Dylan's rhetorical question has just received yet another scientifically based answer. Researchers from Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Denmark's Technical University (DTU) ...

Researchers get to the bottom of fairy circles

Fairy circles are round gaps in arid grassland that are distributed very uniformly over the landscape and only occur along the Namib Desert in southern Africa and in parts of Australia. Various theories circulate about the ...

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How to break down work into tasks that can be automated

Virtually every organization is wrestling and experimenting with automation. But most are missing the benefits that come from deep and systemic change. One of the largest failings, in our estimation, is that organizations ...

Studying species interactions using remote camera traps

Species are often involved in complex interactions with other species, which can affect their occurrence, abundance, feeding habits and disease transmission. Observing and studying species interactions can be difficult. To ...

Are the French lousy at languages? Not if there's noise!

It is often said that the French have poor English skills. But according to a study conducted by a CNRS researcher (along with colleagues in the Netherlands, Finland and UK), when it comes to processing English spoken in ...

Revealing the role of the mysterious small proteins

The human genome contains an estimated 20,000 genes coding for proteins. The proteins are the body's "workers," tasked with performing specific functions that are key to survival. Despite their importance, there is a type ...

A decline in gene discoveries

The number of papers reporting new protein-function discoveries in 2017 declined by two-thirds compared with 2000 output, according to research led by A*STAR.

Freezing upon heating: Formation of dynamical glass

The discovery of superconductivity and its experimental realization are two of the most important advancements in physics and engineering of the past century. Nevertheless, their statistical and dynamical characteristics ...

New MRI sensor can image activity deep within the brain
Varicose veins unlikely to develop into blood clots
Phantom limb sensation explained
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Treatment to a T? Taking a 'BiTE' out of lung cancer
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How diabetes causes muscle loss
Chikungunya antibody set to enter clinical trial
France sees no health reason for Nutella output stop
Study links diabetes and back pain

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