Researchers investigate three star-forming regions, identify hundreds young stellar objects

Using data from various space telescopes and astronomical surveys, Armenian researchers have investigated three star-forming regions. The study identified hundreds of young stellar objects and provided important information ...

General Physics

Smoother surfaces make for better accelerators

With every new particle accelerator built for research, scientists have an opportunity to push the limits of discovery. But this is only true if new particle accelerators deliver the desired performance—no small feat in ...

NASA's Juno gives aerial views of mountain and lava lake on Io

Scientists on NASA's Juno mission to Jupiter have transformed data collected during two recent flybys of Io into animations that highlight two of the Jovian moon's most dramatic features: a mountain and an almost glass-smooth ...

Study finds that human neuron signals flow in one direction

Contrary to previous assumptions, nerve cells in the human neocortex are wired differently than in mice. Those are the findings of a new study conducted by Charité-Universitätsmedizin Berlin and published in the journal ...

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Human cases of bird flu 'an enormous concern': WHO

Tech Xplore

Key protein regulates immune response to viruses in mammal cells

Researchers have revealed the regulatory mechanism of a specific protein that plays a key role in balancing the immune response triggered by viral infections in mammal cells. These findings could help drive the development ...

Are Titan's dunes made of comet dust?

A new theory suggests that Titan's majestic dune fields may have come from outer space. Researchers had always assumed that the sand making up Titan's dunes was locally made, through erosion or condensed from atmospheric ...