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Exploring the potential of human echolocation

People who are visually impaired will often use a cane to feel out their surroundings. With training and practice, people can learn to use the pitch, loudness and timbre of echoes from the cane or other sounds to navigate ...

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Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting

Google said Friday it would stop scanning the contents of Gmail users' inboxes for ad targeting, moving to end a practice that has fueled privacy concerns since the free email service was launched.

dateJun 23, 2017 in Internet
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Webinar: Plasma Modeling in COMSOL Multiphysics

Tune into this free webinar for an overview of how plasmas can be successfully analyzed using COMSOL Multiphysics featuring a live software demo and Q&A session.

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Using body noise to improve cancer detection

Elastography, sometimes referred as seismology of the human body, is an emerging technology used to enhance medical ultrasound imaging. It does this by measuring the elasticity of biological tissue to diagnose cancer or liver ...

A risky fix to repair a city's gutted streetlight grid

For years, residents in this cash-strapped city watched helplessly as thieves gutted 33 miles (53 kilometers) of streetlight wiring, plunging long stretches of roadway into darkness. The thousands of dollars criminals pocketed ...

China drone king turns to farming

China drone-maker DJI is betting on flying machines that shoot pesticide instead of photos to fend off growing competition in the global remote-controlled aircraft market.

Exploring the potential of human echolocation
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Synthetic options for the diesel engine

Synthetic fuels, such as oxymethylene ether, could prepare Diesel vehicles to play a major role in the drive train mix of tomorrow. Scientists at the TU Darmstadt are carrying out research into the practical viability of ...

Technological innovation 'trumps' politics

Technological innovation, often induced by national and sub-national policies, is a key driver of global climate and energy policy ambition and action. Donald Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris Agreement will hardly ...

Does dark matter annihilate quicker in the Milky Way?

Researchers at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai have proposed a theory that predicts how dark matter may be annihilating much more rapidly in the Milky Way, than in smaller or larger galaxies and the early ...

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