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'Red nuggets' are galactic gold for astronomers

About a decade ago, astronomers discovered a population of small, but massive galaxies called "red nuggets." A new study using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory indicates that black holes have squelched star formation in these ...

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Prop. 47 lessened racial disparities in drug arrests

In 2014, California voters approved Proposition 47, which reclassified drug possession offenses from felonies or "wobblers"—which prosecutors can charge as either felonies or misdemeanors—to misdemeanors, and in the process ...

'Exam Roulette' could quell essay-induced anxiety

For many students, essay tests are a source of dread and anxiety. But for professors, these tests provide an excellent way to assess a student's depth of knowledge and critical-thinking skills. At the American Physiological ...

Deep data dive helps predict cerebral palsy
First ancient syphilis genomes decoded
Psychiatric disorders share an underlying genetic basis
California Aedes mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika

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Study provides new clues to improving chemotherapies

About half of all drugs, ranging from morphine to penicillin, come from compounds that are from—or have been derived from—nature. This includes many cancer drugs, which are toxic enough to kill cancer cells.

Encrypted messages in biological processes

RNA modifications can encrypt the RNA code and are responsible for a very sophisticated control of RNA function. A Danish-German research team has shown that modified RNA bases have a great impact on the dynamics of gene ...

LincRNAs identified in human fat tissue
Writing away the body image blues
Mindful movement may help lower stress, anxiety
Researchers uncover new target to stop cancer growth
Fans of yoga therapy have yet to win over doctors
Key molecule of aging discovered
New recommendations guide arthritis pain management
Study quantifies changes in stress after meditation

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