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Nanotube fiber antennas as capable as copper

Fibers made of carbon nanotubes configured as wireless antennas can be as good as copper antennas but 20 times lighter, according to Rice University researchers. The antennas may offer practical advantages for aerospace applications ...

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Dr. YouTube ... what's your diagnosis?

According to Pew Research center, in 2013, about six out of ten Americans searched for health information online in the past year. With patients regularly turning to the internet for health advice, a group of researchers ...

Video: How do we know the age of the Earth?

The Earth is 4.565 billion years old, give or take a few million years. How do scientists know that? Since there's no "established in" plaque stuck in a cliff somewhere, geologists deduced the age of the Earth thanks to a ...

College labor market remains strong

Employers will face tough competition for talent in the 2017-18 job market, thanks to a seven-year growth streak in the college labor market, according to Michigan State University's Recruiting Trends, the largest annual ...

Activation of immune T cells leads to behavioral changes
New study shows how cells can be led down non-cancer path

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Rethinking the private sector's role in disaster relief

Natural disasters have filled the news in recent months, occurring so frequently that they seem to intimate apocalypse: wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes. But as national and international media coverage of these events ...

NASA sees Tropical Depression 27W still struggling

Tropical Depression 27W continues to struggle to organize south of the island of Guam in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean. NASA's Aqua satellite captured a visible image of the depression that revealed most of the storms associated ...

Routes out of isolation for Yellowstone grizzlies

In summer of 2017, biologists from Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks confirmed sightings of a grizzly bear in the Big Belt Mountains northeast of Helena, Montana. The bear, an adventurous vanguard from its home range in the ...

Fast 3-D microscope with nano precision

A fast 3-D optical microscope which can acquire a full field image of the surfaces of objects at nanoscale resolution was developed recently in the lab of Prof. Ibrahim Abdulhalim (pictured right) in the Unit of Electro-Optical ...

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