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Iron chemistry matters for ocean carbon uptake

For many years, scientists have speculated that seeding the ocean with iron might help to stave off climate change. Iron in seawater promotes the growth of phytoplankton, which in turn devours carbon dioxide from the atmosphere ...

date13 minutes ago in Earth Sciences
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The shapes of galaxies

Since Edwin Hubble proposed his galaxy classification scheme in 1926, numerous studies have investigated the physical mechanisms responsible for the shapes of spiral and elliptical galaxies. Because the processes are complex, ...

date2 hours ago in Astronomy
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Cancer hijacks natural cell process to survive

Cancer tumours manipulate a natural cell process to promote their survival suggesting that controlling this mechanism could stop progress of the disease, according to new research led by the University of Oxford.

date2 hours ago in Cancer
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Exploring the potential of human echolocation

People who are visually impaired will often use a cane to feel out their surroundings. With training and practice, people can learn to use the pitch, loudness and timbre of echoes from the cane or other sounds to navigate ...

date18 hours ago in Other
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Google to stop scanning Gmail for ad targeting

Google said Friday it would stop scanning the contents of Gmail users' inboxes for ad targeting, moving to end a practice that has fueled privacy concerns since the free email service was launched.

dateJun 23, 2017 in Internet
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Webinar: New Structural Mechanics Modeling Features in COMSOL 5.3

Learn about the new structural mechanics features and functionality available in COMSOL Multiphysics version 5.3 in this free webinar featuring a live demo and Q&A session.

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Hubble scopes out a galaxy of stellar birth

This image displays a galaxy known as ESO 486-21 (with several other background galaxies and foreground stars visible in the field as well). ESO 486-21 is a spiral galaxy—albeit with a somewhat irregular and ill-defined ...

Image: SOHO's summer solstice sun

Residents of Earth's northern hemisphere enjoyed the greatest number of daylight hours in a single day all year on 21 June 2017. This summer solstice occurs when the tilt of Earth's axis is most inclined towards the sun, ...

The crown jewel of the HL-LHC magnets

While the LHC is at the start of a new season of data taking, scientists and engineers around the world are working hard to develop brand new magnets for the LHC upgrade, the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC).

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Meet the dogs with OCD

Curiously, and perhaps eagerly, I am looking at a bull terrier named Sputnik, searching for a resemblance.

Artificial iris responds to light like the human eye

An artificial iris manufactured from intelligent, light-controlled polymer material can react to incoming light in the same ways as the human eye. The iris was developed by the Smart Photonic Materials research group from ...

Impact threat from asteroid Apophis cannot be ruled out

The famous near-Earth asteroid Apophis caused quite a stir in 2004 when it was announced that it could hit our planet. Although the possibility of an impact during its close approach in 2029 was excluded, the asteroid's collision ...

Iceland, an open-air Hollywood studio

Crystal clear ice caves, glacial lakes, spewing volcanoes and crashing waterfalls framed by dark lava columns: Iceland's breathtaking landscapes have become a magnet for Hollywood moviemakers looking to conjure up otherworldly ...

Using body noise to improve cancer detection

Elastography, sometimes referred as seismology of the human body, is an emerging technology used to enhance medical ultrasound imaging. It does this by measuring the elasticity of biological tissue to diagnose cancer or liver ...

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