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Huawei announces 5G smartphone based on own technology

Chinese tech giant Huawei announced plans Wednesday to release a next-generation smartphone based on its own technology instead of U.S. components, stepping up efforts to compete with Western industry leaders in the face ...

The feminization of men leads to a rise in homophobia

Before the feminist revolution in the late 1960s, men largely built their masculinity on traits that opposed those ascribed to women. Since then, society has been moving increasingly toward gender equality, and men can no ...

New kidney research sheds light on harms of certain drugs
Zinc deficiency may play a role in high blood pressure
Positive self belief key to recovery from shoulder pain
Analysis examines migraine's link to higher stroke risk
3-D printing may help treat osteoarthritis

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How did Uranus end up on its side? We've been finding out

Uranus is arguably the most mysterious planet in the solar system – we know very little about it. So far, we have only visited the planet once, with the Voyager 2 spacecraft back in 1986. The most obvious odd thing about ...

An icy forecast for ringed seal populations

Arctic sea ice is now declining at a rate of 12.8 percent per decade - 2012 had the lowest amount of summer ice on record. The drastic change has numerous implications for Arctic ecosystems, from increased shipping - the ...

Image: Lunar building block

This 1.5 tonne block was 3D printed from simulated lunar dust, to demonstrate the feasibility of constructing a Moon base using local materials.

Targeted treatment shrinks deadly pediatric brain tumors
New vaccine offers fresh take on malaria fight
Gene-edited disease monkeys cloned in China
Should we rename low risk cancers?
Multiple sclerosis – helping cells to help themselves
Herd protection seen with 4-valent HPV vaccination

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