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New eclipsing cataclysmic variable discovered

Using the Mobile Astronomical System of Telescope-Robots (MASTER), an international team of astronomers has detected a new eclipsing cataclysmic variable. The newfound object, designated MASTER OT J061451.70–272535.5, is ...

date6 hours ago in Astronomy report
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Toward ultrafast spintronics

Electronics have advanced through continuous improvements in microprocessor technology since the 1960s. However, this process of refinement is projected to stall in the near future due to constraints imposed by the laws of ...

date4 hours ago in General Physics
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Energizing the immune system to eat cancer

Immune cells called macrophages are supposed to serve and protect, but cancer has found ways to put them to sleep. Now researchers at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania say they've identified how ...

date4 hours ago in Immunology
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In China, a link between happiness and air quality

For many years, China has been struggling to tackle high pollution levels that are crippling its major cities. Indeed, a recent study by researchers at Chinese Hong Kong University has found that air pollution in the country ...

date4 hours ago in Environment
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EU countries split over copyright overhaul

Divisions between EU countries could delay or derail plans to overhaul copyright law, an ambition that has set up a battle pitting media firms against internet giants like Facebook and Google.

New drug resistance process found in bacteria

A team of researchers has discovered a new process capable of generating resistance to synthetic antibacterial drugs within bacterial populations long before they are put to clinical use.

2-D magnetism reaches a new milestone

Researchers at the Center for Correlated Electron Systems, within the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in South Korea, in collaboration with Sogang University and Seoul National University, reported the first experimental ...

A closed cage-like molecule that can be opened

Researchers at Kanazawa University and the University of Tsukuba report in Chemistry – A European Journal the synthesis of a closed molecular cage with areas that can be opened. The opening is achieved through chemical ...

Energizing the immune system to eat cancer
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