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Team puts dark matter on the map

A Yale-led team has produced one of the highest-resolution maps of dark matter ever created, offering a detailed case for the existence of cold dark matter—sluggish particles that comprise the bulk of matter in the universe.

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Study ties protein 'reader' ENL to common leukemia

Anyone who uses an employee badge to enter a building may understand how a protein called ENL opens new possibilities for treating acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a fast-growing cancer of bone marrow and blood cells and the ...

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Webinar: Getting Multiphysics Modeling Right – March 9

Learn how to use multiphysics modeling to support design and innovation at the early stages of technology development. Includes live demo and Q&A session.

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NASA aims to measure vital snow data from satellites

Instrument-laden aircraft are surveying the Colorado high country this month as scientists search for better ways to measure how much water is locked up in the world's mountain snows—water that sustains a substantial share ...

Snapchat Spectacles now sold online

If you didn't race out to Los Angeles to get them, or stand in an endless line in Santa Monica, Calif., or catch a helicopter ride to the middle of the Grand Canyon, or brave the Manhattan cold, or pay a premium on eBay, ...

How do you cool a city in a warming world?

Globally, 2016 was the warmest year on record. In Los Angeles, temperature records were shattered last summer during scorching heat waves that saw highs of 100 degrees for five days straight.

Enabling high-throughput image-based phenotyping

Nathan Miller, a scientist in the Spalding Lab at the University of Wisconsin–Madison's Department of Botany and Center for High Throughput Computing, works closely with CyVerse as he writes computer code to develop software ...

Solar power lights up lives in Nigeria

The surprise was finding that people dependent on candles, batteries, kerosene and fuel for generators in countries without a secure supply of electricity spend more on power than solar options.

Intestinal bacteria alter gut and brain function
The shifting rationales for vaping
Study ties protein 'reader' ENL to common leukemia
Study defines global burden of skin disease
New study finds reading can help with chronic pain
Guidelines provided for suboptimally dated pregnancies
Xermelo approved for tumor-related diarrhea
Teens drive more safely in the months after a crash

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New rules needed as drones crowd the skies

As drones increasingly crowd the skies, the risk of collision with other aircraft has come to the fore. Here's an overview of international regulation aimed at limiting the dangers.

UAE grapples drones after airport closures

Dubai authorities are grappling with new ways of keeping the emirate's skies safe after drones halted air traffic at one of the world's busiest airports three times last year.

Postwar policies fueled prosperity decades later

Economists call it the Great Moderation: the long stretch of low inflation and steady growth in the United States and seven other developed nations from the mid-1980s until the recession hit in 2007.

Cars and chlamydia killing Queensland koalas

Cars and chlamydia were the top causes of a dramatic rise in south-east Queensland koala deaths over the past two decades, according to a new University of Queensland-led study.

Cell death in gut implicated in bowel disease
Telephone-based collaborative care program eases anxiety
FDG PET/CT found useful in certain lung cancer patients

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