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Making a femtosecond laser out of glass

Is it possible to make a femtosecond laser entirely out of glass? That's the rabbit hole that Yves Bellouard, head of EPFL's Galatea Laboratory, went down after years of spending hours—and hours—aligning femtosecond lasers ...

Why Einstein must be wrong: In search of the theory of gravity

Einstein's theory of gravity—general relativity—has been very successful for more than a century. However, it has theoretical shortcomings. This is not surprising: the theory predicts its own failure at spacetime singularities ...

Light and sound waves reveal negative pressure

Negative pressure is a rare and challenging-to-detect phenomenon in physics. Using liquid-filled optical fibers and sound waves, researchers at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) in Erlangen have now ...

ATLAS measures strength of the strong force with record precision

Binding together quarks into protons, neutrons and atomic nuclei is a force so strong, it's in the name. The strong force, which is carried by gluon particles, is the strongest of all fundamental forces of nature—the others ...

What is quantum squeezing?

How many times have you shown up to a video meeting with people at work only to find you have terrible internet that day? Maybe the others on the call are cutting in and out, or maybe your own signal is being corrupted on ...

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Quiet cables set to help reveal rare physics events
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Material would allow users to 'tune' windows to block targeted wavelengths of light
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Topological materials open a new pathway for exploring spin hall materials
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Diamond materials as solar-powered electrodes: Spectroscopy shows what's important
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Achromatic diffractive liquid-crystal optics for virtual reality displays
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Study paves the way for new class of nanoscale devices, new opportunities in photonics
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Researchers make sand that flows uphill
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Researchers develop biodegradable optical fiber to measure or modulate electrical current in the body
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Researchers introduce novel organic light-emitting diode with ultralow turn-on voltage for blue emission
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New method makes microcombs 10 times more efficient
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Revealing the general characteristics of fiber Rayleigh scattering based on deep learning
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Composite 2D materials for fiber lasers show promise for ultrafast optics applications
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Study shows high-resolution light field displays and vision correction result in enhanced virtual experiences

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Fossil results indicate polar bears survived last global warming deglaciation in Siberian and Canadian refugia
Microplastics ingestion under the microscope in invertebrates
Study clarifies how 'junk DNA' influences gene expression
Paleontology & Fossils
Fossils show widespread plant extinctions after asteroid wiped out dinosaurs
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Research reveals new insights into soil liquefaction during earthquakes
Unearthing ancient faith: Byzantine Greek inscription of Psalms 86 found in Hyrcania
Sperm swimming is caused by the same patterns that are believed to dictate zebra stripes
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Likely asteroid debris found upon opening of returned NASA probe
JWST discovers massive and compact quiescent galaxy
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AI predicts sea surface temperature cooling during tropical cyclones
NASA's Chandra rewinds story of great eruption of the 1840s
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Double trouble: Infamous 'eagle killer' bacterium produces not one, but two toxins
Thermal magIC: Digging into the details of an ambitious new 'thermometry camera'
Plants & Animals
Study shows invertebrate decline reduces natural pest control and decomposition of organic matter
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Study sheds new light on strange lava worlds
From seafloor to space: New bacterial proteins shine light on climate and astrobiology
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Ecological theory can help explain why segregation persists
Earth Sciences
A newly refined map of Zealandia drawn using study of dredged rock samples
Cell & Microbiology
3D organoids unlock promising insights into lung cancer in dogs
Cell & Microbiology
Genetically engineering associations between plants and diazotrophs could lessen dependence on synthetic fertilizer