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Quantum materials: Electron spin measured for the first time

An international research team has succeeded for the first time in measuring the electron spin in matter—i.e., the curvature of space in which electrons live and move—within "kagome materials," a new class of quantum ...

Research takes first steps towards realizing mechanical qubits

Quantum information (QI) processing may be the next game changer in the evolution of technology, by providing unprecedented computational capabilities, security and detection sensitivities. Qubits, the basic hardware element ...

How Schrödinger's cat makes better qubits

Quantum computing uses the principles of quantum mechanics to encode and elaborate data, meaning that it could one day solve computational problems that are intractable with current computers. While the latter work with bits, ...

Physicists discover an exotic material made of bosons

Take a lattice—a flat section of a grid of uniform cells, like a window screen or a honeycomb—and lay another, similar lattice above it. But instead of trying to line up the edges or the cells of both lattices, give the ...

Calculation shows why heavy quarks get caught up in the flow

Using some of the world's most powerful supercomputers, a group of theorists has produced a major advance in the field of nuclear physics—a calculation of the "heavy quark diffusion coefficient." This number describes how ...

Shrinking endoscopes with meta-optical fibers

Ultra-compact, agile endoscopes with a large field of view (FoV), long depth of field (DoF), and short rigid tip length are essential for developing minimally invasive operations and new experimental surgeries. As these fields ...

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