One year on, deadly Greek wildfire haunts survivors

Twelve months on, you can still see it in the faces of the survivors: the deadly wildfires that killed 102 people in the Greek coastal town of Mati has left its mark on local people.

Portugal's firefighters gain upper hand in forest blazes

Hundreds of Portuguese firefighters aided by overnight rain gained the upper hand against massive wildfires raging in a central region for four days and said they hoped to bring them under control on Tuesday.

New tool supports future of organic farming

A collaboration with Japanese manufacturer Yanmar, the Kyoto Institute of Technology, the SUGAR Network, and Design Factory Melbourne (DFM) has created a time-saving product for organic farmers.

Probe opened in France over radioactive water rumours

After the panic, the prosecution: investigators in Paris have opened an enquiry to track down the source of false reports last week that drinking water in the French capital had been contaminated.

Europe gears up for record-breaking heatwave

France and western Europe were Tuesday bracing for a new record-breaking heatwave that is forcing the temporary shutdown of a French nuclear power station and will test competitors in the legendary Tour de France cycle race.

Protests spread as activists fight telescope in Hawaii

Demonstrations against a giant telescope planned for Hawaii's tallest peak have spread to New York, Las Vegas and Honolulu's tourist mecca of Waikiki as Native Hawaiians push to protect what they say is a sacred place.

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