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Earth Sciences news

New model could help predict major earthquakes

A Nagoya University-led team reveals the mechanisms behind different earthquakes at a plate boundary on the west coast of South America, shedding light on historical seismic events and potentially aiding prediction of the ...

date2 hours ago in Earth Sciences
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Little Ice Age displaced the tropical rain belt

The tropical rain belt, also known as the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), is in a state of constant migration. It continuously changes position in response to the seasons and follows the sun's zenith, with a slight ...

dateApr 24, 2017 in Earth Sciences
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The formation of gold deposits in South Africa

At a first glance, the Witwatersrand basin, the largest known gold resource on our planet, is not automatically related to ocean research. However, in its 3 billion years old geological history, the Witwatersrand basin in ...

dateApr 20, 2017 in Earth Sciences
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Mountain clouds—from rain makers to snow makers

Mountains challenge skiers, climbers, and road builders. But when it comes to clouds, they offer an assist. Researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and Colorado State University found that mountainous, water-ice ...

NASA measures rainfall rates in Tropical Cyclone Maarutha

Tropical Storm Maarutha became the first tropical cyclone of 2017 in the Bay of Bengal when it formed on April 15, 2017. Although the tropical cyclone only lived two days, NASA gathered rainfall rate data on it on the day ...

NASA snaps picture of new crack in Greenland ice shelf

(—A team of researchers working with NASA's Operation IceBridge has snapped a picture of a crack in the middle part of Petermann Glacier—it resides on Greenland's northern coast. The photo and other accompanying ...

Glacier shape influences susceptibility to thinning

Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have identified glaciers in West Greenland that are most susceptible to thinning in the coming decades by analyzing how they're shaped. The research could help predict how ...

NASA spots short-lived Tropical Cyclone Maarutha

On Saturday, April 15, Tropical Cyclone 1B formed in the Northern Indian Ocean and it made landfall in Burma (Myanmar) on April 16. NASA's Terra satellite captured an image of the storm as if formed quickly and strengthened ...

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