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3-D printing 100 times faster with light

Rather than building up plastic filaments layer by layer, a new approach to 3-D printing lifts complex shapes from a vat of liquid at up to 100 times faster than conventional 3-D printing processes, University of Michigan ...

dateJan 11, 2019 in Engineering
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The legal implications of digital privacy

A June 2018 decision rendered by the Supreme Court of the United States established an interesting principle on digital privacy in a case related to a criminal proceeding.

Huawei founder says company would not share user secrets

The founder of Huawei, in a new effort to allay Western security concerns, said Tuesday that the Chinese tech giant would not comply with Chinese government requests to disclose confidential information about its foreign ...

Two charged with hacking SEC computers in trading scheme

Two Ukrainian men hacked into the Securities and Exchange Commission's computers to steal thousands of quarterly and annual reports of public companies and worked with traders to use the information to make more than $4 million ...

Opel helps France's PSA buck China, Iran auto downturn

French auto giant Groupe PSA, which makes the Citroen and Peugeot brands, reported record vehicle sales Tuesday as the acquisition of General Motors' Opel unit helped offset a sharp downturn in key markets China and Iran.

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