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Electric vehicle battery firms settle trade spat

Two big South Korean electric vehicle battery makers have settled a long-running trade dispute that will allow one of them to move ahead with plans to make batteries in Georgia, a person briefed on the matter says.

Workers urge Google parent to get tough on harassment

A letter calling for Google's parent company Alphabet to better protect people who report sexual harassment on the job was signed by more than 1,000 workers soon after being posted online Friday.

Microchip security continues to confound Pentagon

Nearly nine years ago, the Senate Armed Services Committee reported the results of an investigation of counterfeit electronic parts in the U.S. military. The year-long probe found fully 1 million bogus parts, including components ...

White House convenes CEO summit on semiconductor shortage

The White House will hold a virtual summit with leading CEOs on Monday to discuss the global semiconductor shortage that has crimped automakers and electronics companies, officials announced Friday.

AI-assisted detection of biosignals and human emotions

Fundamental methodology research on autonomous learning can benefit most, if not all, computer vision tasks. With the aid of autonomous learning, we can automatically design a contextual-aware neural network for different ...

Japan to announce Fukushima water release into sea soon

The Japanese government has decided to dispose of massive amounts of treated but still radioactive water stored in tanks at the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant by releasing it into the Pacific Ocean, local media reported ...

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