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Shedding light on how humans walk... with robots

Learning how to walk is difficult for toddlers to master; it's even harder for adults who are recovering from a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or other condition, requiring months of intensive, often frustrating physical ...

dateMay 24, 2017 in Robotics
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Venture capitalist spends time browsing Nextdoor

The lauded Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Gurley who, along with his partners at Benchmark, was an early investor in companies such as Instagram, Uber, Stitch Fix and Snap Inc., spent a recent afternoon scrolling ...

Here's one tally of the losses from WannaCry cyberattack

A digital worm powered by stolen National Security Agency software caused $1 billion in damages when it infected hundreds of thousands of computers in less than a week, a Florida digital security company says. And new attacks ...

The economics behind Uber's new pricing model

Uber is changing the way it calculates fares, moving to a system that charges what customers are "willing to pay", based on factors like whether you are travelling to a wealthy suburb. But while this change has been met with ...

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