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A better way to control a swarm of drones

A team of researchers from Hungary, Norway and the Netherlands has found a way to better control a large swarm of drones—give them more autonomy. In their paper published in the journal Science Robotics, the group describes ...

date12 hours ago in Robotics report
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Liquid-metal, high-voltage flow battery

A new combination of materials developed by Stanford researchers may aid in developing a rechargeable battery able to store the large amounts of renewable power created through wind or solar sources. With further development, ...

date13 hours ago in Energy & Green Tech
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An underwater pokeball for capturing sea creatures

The open ocean is the largest and least explored environment on Earth, estimated to hold up to a million species that have yet to be described. However, many of those organisms are soft-bodied—like jellyfish, squid, and ...

dateJul 18, 2018 in Robotics
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Google braces for huge EU fine over Android

Google prepared Wednesday to be hit with huge EU fine for freezing out rivals of its Android mobile phone system in a ruling that could spark new tensions between Brussels and Washington.

dateJul 18, 2018 in Business
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Forget joysticks—use your torso to pilot drones

Imagine piloting a drone using the movements of your torso only and leaving your head free to look around, much like a bird. EPFL research has just shown that using your torso to pilot flying machines is indeed more immersive—and ...

dateJul 16, 2018 in Engineering
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Belgian airspace closed over computer glitch

Belgium on Thursday closed its airspace following a computer glitch linked to problems downloading data related to flight plans, said Belgocontrol, the company tasked with controlling the country's skies.

EU ruling against Google opens 'opportunity,' rival says

European regulators' latest swipe at the dominance of U.S. tech giant Google could open new opportunities for rivals in search and web browsers—that is, if cellphone manufacturers decide to make the most of the opening.

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