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Google Maps displays traffic light locations

For millions of motorists around the globe, GPS traffic guidance has become indispensable. This week, Google confirmed it has been testing a feature that will make getting to where you want to go even easier: traffic light ...

Reports: Amazon bars video app TikTok on workers' phones

Amazon has told employees to delete the popular video app TikTok from phones on which they use Amazon email, citing security risks from the China-owned app, a new CEO, t op Disney executive Kevin Mayer, which experts said ...

Construction: How to turn 36 seconds into $5.4 billion

A team of researchers from Aarhus University have, for the first time ever, linked 40 years of productivity data from the construction industry with the actual work done. The results show that productivity in the construction ...

China auto sales off 22.4% in first half of 2020

China's auto sales rose 1.8% in June over a year earlier but fell by double digits for the first half of 2020 after the country shut down to fight the coronavirus, an industry group reported Friday.

Building a better battery, faster

Battery experts at PNNL and elsewhere focus on developing rechargeable lithium-metal batteries because of their high energy density. Lithium-metal batteries have the potential to double the energy of lithium-ion batteries ...

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