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Caltech professor helps solve Hindenburg disaster

On the evening of May 6, 1937, the largest aircraft ever built by mankind, a towering example of technological prowess, slipped through the stormy skies of New Jersey and prepared to land. The airship Hindenburg was nearing ...

Researchers create new zinc-air pouch cells

Zinc-air batteries (ZABs) are among the most promising next-generation battery technologies due to their many advantageous characteristics. Most notably, these batteries have unique half-open structures, a significant theoretical ...

Study tests viability of Tesla's 100-year old patented device

A valve invented by engineer Nikola Tesla a century ago is not only more functional than previously realized, but also has other potential applications today, a team of researchers has found after conducting a series of experiments ...

Study: Hope for US boost pushes global luxury goods recovery

Luxury brands are already cashing in on promises of a 21st-century version of the "Roaring '20s" in the United States, where hefty stimulus packages and an advanced vaccine campaign are accelerating post-pandemic recovery ...

Robotic navigation tech will explore the deep ocean

On May 14, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) ship Okeanos Explorer will depart from Port Canaveral in Florida on a two-week expedition led by NOAA Ocean Exploration, featuring the technology demonstration ...

Iraqis find escape, success on a virtual battleground

Bashar Abo Khalil's PUBG character dashes around a wall in a pink dress and samurai helmet, thwacking an enemy with a frying pan—standard fare in the mobile game that is a mega-sensation in Iraq.

New intelligent antenna tech passes the test

An intelligent antenna developed by researchers at Waterloo Engineering has been successfully tested, a major milestone in a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project.

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Energy & Green Tech
Researchers suggest pathway for improving stability of next-generation solar cells
Machine learning & AI
Artificial intelligence identifies the tiger mosquito from photos in the Mosquito Alert
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Two-in-one: Wide-angle monitoring meets high-resolution capture in new camera platform
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Researchers use deep learning to 'denoise' nanopore data
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Computer Sciences
Finding control in hard-to-predict systems
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Molecular & Computational biology
Scientists discover fundamental mechanism that fine-tunes gene expression and is disrupted in cancer
Materials Science
Mechanics of the infinitely small: NanoGear, towards a molecular gear
Optics & Photonics
Diamonds engage both optical microscopy and MRI for better imaging
Earth Sciences
Permafrost carbon feedbacks threaten global climate goals
Social Sciences
Collective intelligence can be predicted and quantified, new study finds
Earth Sciences
Part of the Greenland ice sheet may be close to a tipping point
New tools needed to prevent plant disease pandemics
From Avocet to Zebra Finch: big data study finds more than 50 billion birds in the world
African rainforests still slowed climate change despite record heat and drought
Earth Sciences
Newly published data provides clearer picture of volcano collapse
Supermassive black holes devour gas just like their petite counterparts
Cell & Microbiology
First immune stimulating long noncoding RNA involved in body's response to cancer
Paleontology & Fossils
Mammals in the time of dinosaurs held each other back
Earth Sciences
Greenhouse gases and aerosol emissions are lengthening and intensifying droughts
Supernova remnant G53.41+0.03 investigated in detail
Earth Sciences
Greenhouse gases are shrinking the stratosphere
Report urges California to act to protect marine ecosystems against microplastics
NMR observation of methyl groups in proteins from eukaryotic and cell-free expression systems
Future sparkles for diamond-based quantum technology
Plants & Animals
Optimized multi-scale structure and chemical gradients in exoskeletons of mantis shrimp, hermit crabs