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EU to unveil AI rules to fight Big Brother fears

The EU is set to unveil a proposal to regulate the sprawling field of artificial intelligence next week, with the aim of reassuring the public against "Big Brother"-like abuses.

Irish watchdog opens another Facebook probe, over data dump

Ireland's privacy regulator said Wednesday it has opened an investigation into Facebook after data on more than 500 million users was reportedly found dumped online, in a suspected violation of strict European Union privacy ...

Biorobotics lab builds submersible robot snake

Carnegie Mellon University's acclaimed snake-like robot can now slither its way underwater, allowing the modular robotics platform to inspect ships, submarines and infrastructure for damage.

Microsoft defends against new threat to Exchange

Microsoft on Tuesday moved to defend against a dangerous new threat to Exchange email servers while the fight continued against hackers taking advantage of a flaw patched last month.

EU court rejects 2 Ryanair challenges of airline subsidies

A top European Union court dealt another blow to Ryanair on Wednesday and rejected the low-cost carrier's arguments that the aid Sweden, Denmark and Finland gave two other airlines to get through the COVID-19 crisis was illegal.

How to test-drive vehicle technology

New vehicles are brimming with technology that can enhance convenience, connectivity and driver safety. But the tech can also be unfamiliar to car shoppers, especially those who haven't purchased a vehicle in the past five ...

Toshiba CEO resigns as buyout offer stirs turmoil

Toshiba's CEO resigned on Wednesday as a buyout offer from a private equity fund stirs turmoil inside the storied Japanese company, with reports suggesting two other funds are considering bids.

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