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Technology news

Global cybercrime costs $600 bn annually: study

The annual cost of cybercrime has hit $600 billion worldwide, fueled by growing sophistication of hackers and proliferation of criminal marketplaces and cryptocurrencies, researchers said Wednesday.

Germany's Bosch snaps up US commuter app

The world's largest car parts supplier Bosch leapt into ride-sharing services Wednesday, announcing the takeover of US commuter carpooling startup Splitting Fares.

Samsung set to launch new flagship smartphones

Samsung Electronics will unveil its next flagship smartphones—the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+—on Sunday, after it reported record profits in recent weeks and its vice chairman was released from prison.

Top experts warn against 'malicious use' of AI

Artificial intelligence could be deployed by dictators, criminals and terrorists to manipulate elections and use drones in terrorist attacks, more than two dozen experts said Wednesday as they sounded the alarm over misuse ...

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