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'Robocop' on patrol at Singapore summit

Hi-tech Singapore has deployed an autonomous robot with a swivelling camera for a head and flashing lights to patrol a summit venue—arresting the attention of amused passers-by who stopped to snap selfies.

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New scheduling system could help reduce flight delays

Scheduling and coordinating air traffic can be difficult, but taking the airlines' and passengers' delay costs into account can actually save airlines money and result in fewer delays, according to a new study from Binghamton ...

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Cathay apologises over data breach but denies cover-up

The top two executives at Hong Kong carrier Cathay Pacific on Wednesday apologised for the firm's handling of the world's biggest airline hack that saw millions of customers' data breached but denied trying to cover it up.

UK budget carrier FlyBe says for sale

Struggling British no-frills airline FlyBe on Wednesday put itself up for sale, adding it was in talks with potential buyers in the face of a challenging market.

Germany hopes to kickstart EU battery-making in 2019

German economy minister Peter Altmaier said Tuesday Berlin would provide one billion euros ($1.3 billion) of funding for electric car battery production by 2021, as talks with companies reach an advanced stage.

Driverless cars will make you sick – but there's a fix

Driverless cars will usher in a transport utopia, at least according to many of their proponents. Concept art for these futuristic vehicles often show passengers sat facing each other, reading, working or enjoying some other ...

New breakthrough in hot embossing technology

Korean researchers have developed a new hot embossing process technology that can freely imprint fine circuit patterns on flexible polymer substrate. The result is expected to be used in semiconductor processes, wearable ...

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