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Comparing the promise and reality of e-scooters

Is shared micromobility the ideal first/last mile supplement to transit? Can electric scooters make it easier for historically disadvantaged populations to get around? In just three years, brand-new fleets of e-scooters have ...

US voter data traded on hacker forums: researchers

A database with information on virtually the entire US voting population has been circulated on hacker forums, opening up the potential for disinformation and scams that could impact the November 3 election, security researchers ...

Why don't we click on some social media posts?

We take the time to read a heartfelt post from a dear friend on Facebook about a struggle at work but aren't sure what to say, so we don't comment or otherwise show we read it.

Creating 3-D maps of complex buildings for disaster management

In case of an emergency, first responders like the fire brigade need up-to-date information. Two-dimensional maps are a common source of information, but they can be difficult to read in an emergency situation. UT Ph.D. student ...

American Airlines reports $2.4 bln loss in Q3

American Airlines announced Thursday that its earnings plunged 73 percent in the third quarter amid the collapse in air travel during the coronavirus pandemic, causing a loss of $2.4 billion, which was not as bad as analysts ...

How algorithms can help the clothing industry

Can big data and artificial intelligence (AI) improve the clothing industry's value chains, adapt products to customer needs, and help the industry keep up with how customer needs are evolving? Sheenam Jain, doctoral student ...

In Dubai, oil-rich UAE sees a new wonder: A coal power plant

A new wonder is rising in the southern desert of Dubai against the backdrop of Persian Gulf beaches, but it's not another skyscraper to grace the futuristic sheikhdom. Instead, it's one of mankind's oldest power sources gaining ...

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