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Hydropower plants to support solar and wind energy in West Africa

Hydropower plants can support solar and wind power, rather unpredictable by nature, in a climate-friendly manner. A new study in the scientific journal Nature Sustainability has now mapped the potential for such "solar-wind-water" ...

Spain says Nissan closing Barcelona factory

Japanese carmaker Nissan has decided to shut its factory in Barcelona where 3,000 people are employed after four decades of operations, the Spanish government said on Thursday.

Electric pulses precisely shape 3-D-printed metal parts

Professor Dirk Bähre and his research team at Saarland University have developed a non-contact method of transforming metal parts fabricated by a 3-D printer into high-precision technical components for specialist applications. ...

Austrian Airlines to resume flights on June 15

Austrian Airlines said Thursday that it would resume flights from June 15 after almost three months of being grounded due to the new coronavirus pandemic, which has heavily restricted international travel.

Norwegian enters 'hibernation' to ride out virus crisis

Norwegian Air Shuttle said on Thursday it was now in "hibernation", hoping to ride out the devastation inflicted on aviation by the coronavirus pandemic which pushed the low-cost carrier deeper into loss.

Israeli cyber chief: Major attack on water systems thwarted

Israel's national cyber chief Thursday officially acknowledged the country had thwarted a major cyber attack last month against its water systems, an assault widely attributed to arch-enemy Iran, calling it a "synchronized ...

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German firm introducing game-changing solar-wind-wave energy platform
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Technology that could save 12% of the energy used in pressurized irrigation
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Smarter energy use is key to a greener future
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In planet formation, it's location, location, location
Gold mining with mercury poses health threats for miles downstream
Breaking up is hard to do (especially for sex chromosomes)
Plants & Animals
New Zealand blue whale distribution patterns tied to ocean conditions and prey availability
Optics & Photonics
Configurable circuit technology poised to expand silicon photonic applications
New technology enables fast protein synthesis
Earth Sciences
Antarctic ice sheets capable of retreating up to 50 meters per day
Extremely intense radio burst detected from magnetar SGR 1935+2154
Global environmental changes leading to shorter, younger trees
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New 'whirling' state of matter discovered in an element of the periodic table
ESPRESSO confirms the presence of an Earth-sized planet around the nearest star (Update)
Plants & Animals
Sea snakes have been adapting to see underwater for 15 million years
Archaeology & Fossils
Genomic analysis shows long-term genetic mixing in West Asia before world's first cities
New research on 'endowment effect' points to evolutionary roots of cognitive biases
Mathematician helps resolve question first asked 60 years ago
Plants & Animals
Reintroduction of wolves tied to return of tall willows in Yellowstone National Park
Materials Science
Smart sponge could clean up oil spills
Archaeology & Fossils
World's oldest bug is fossil millipede from Scotland
Plants & Animals
Changes in cropping methods, climate decoy pintail ducks into an ecological trap
Social Sciences
Study of Cantonese lexical tone shows language evolution possibly linked to genes