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Akamai speaks out on uptick of DDoS attacks

Internet security's big bully: Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) which messes up normal traffic of a targeted server or network with a flood of HTTP requests, malformed packets. Crash, bam boom. Missions accomplished. ...

Smart devices need to get smarter to help save energy

As the growth in connected devices outstrips that of conventional home appliances, consumers will find it increasingly more difficult to understand which electrical devices are consuming the most power in their homes, and ...

Scorching growth for renewables thanks to solar: IEA

Growth in the renewable electricity generation sector has returned to a double-digit pace thanks to a surge in the installation of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels, the International Energy Agency said Friday.

Why don't we have electric aircraft?

Electric cars, trains, trams and boats already exist. That logically leads to the question: why are we not seeing large electric aircraft? And will we see them any time soon?

A bathroom scale could monitor millions with heart failure

Millions of heart failure patients are readmitted to hospitals every few months to adjust medications. It sends medical costs sky-high and patients suffer unnecessarily. A new bathroom scale could give clinicians the data ...

Google green energy buys boost 'carbon-free' portfolio

Google on Thursday announced a record-high boost to its green electricity purchases, saying the deals will spur construction of millions of solar panels and hundreds of wind turbines.

US fines Hyundai $47 mn over dirty diesel engines

South Korean shipbuilding and industrial firm Hyundai Heavy Industries will pay a $47 million fine for illegally importing and selling dirty diesel engines in violation of American environmental rules, US authorities announced ...

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