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Harnessing noise in optical computing for AI

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are currently affecting our lives in many small but impactful ways. For example, AI and machine learning applications recommend entertainment we might enjoy through streaming services ...

Research team sets new efficiency record for solar cell technology

A team of researchers from the National University of Singapore (NUS) has set a new record in the power conversion efficiency of solar cells made using perovskite and organic materials. This technological breakthrough paves ...

How robots learn to hike

ETH Zurich researchers led by Marco Hutter developed a new control approach that enables a legged robot, called ANYmal, to move quickly and robustly over difficult terrain. Thanks to machine learning, the robot can combine ...

EU nations quarrel over whether nuclear, gas are 'green'

Hours before the window for lodging objections closes, EU environment and energy ministers meeting in France Friday differed sharply on a European Commission provision that would classify nuclear and natural gas energy as ...

AI light-field camera reads 3D facial expressions

A joint research team led by Professors Ki-Hun Jeong and Doheon Lee from the KAIST Department of Bio and Brain Engineering reported the development of a technique for facial expression detection by merging near-infrared light-field ...

Intel to build $20B Ohio chip facility amid global shortage

Chipmaker Intel said Friday it will invest $20 billion to build a new factory in Ohio, an attempt to help alleviate a global shortage of chips powering everything from phones to cars to home appliances while also signaling ...

Netflix sinks as Wall Street flees 'stay-at-home' stocks

One day after shares of at-home fitness company Peloton tumbled, Netflix found itself in Wall Street's hot seat Friday as markets reassess the diminishing growth prospects of so-called "pandemic stocks."

The value of wind energy

Two teams of researchers from Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have shown that wind energy offers logistical, economic, and environmental value to consumers and utilities from the coast of Oregon to remote villages ...

Airbus cancels Qatar Airways plane order in feud

Airbus has taken the extraordinary step of cancelling a multi-billion-dollar order of 50 planes from Qatar Airways, a major customer, in an escalating feud over the airline's grounding of A350 aircraft.

EXPLAINER: Why fear of 5G halting flights has faded

The rollout of new 5G wireless service in the U.S. failed to have the much-dreaded result of crippling air travel, although it began in rocky fashion, with international airlines canceling some flights to the U.S. and spotty ...

NTSB: Require small planes to have carbon monoxide detectors

U.S. crash investigators are urging the Federal Aviation Administration to require private planes to be equipped with carbon monoxide detectors, citing deadly crashes that were attributed to poisoning by the odorless gas.

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