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For the sake of kids, embrace math

Mathematics is causing headaches in schools across Canada, Australia and many other parts of the world. Teachers in both Canada and Australia feel neither competent nor confident in math and, frankly, they are the first to ...

dateNov 15, 2018 in Education
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A professor's study of the fictional Hogwarts faculty

Melissa C. Johnson, Ph.D., associate professor and chair of the Department of Focused Inquiry in Virginia Commonwealth University's University College, was initially skeptical of the Harry Potter phenomenon, even as her nieces ...

dateNov 15, 2018 in Education
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Making grad school possible for minorities

Eze Ahanonu was first introduced to engineering in middle school, when he attended Summer Engineering Academy at the University of Arizona. Somewhere in between designing aerodynamic car bodies in SolidWorks, 3-D printing ...

dateNov 07, 2018 in Education
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Teachers and Trump

Teachers felt immense pressure from school leaders and families to respond in a certain way—or not at all—in their classrooms following the 2016 presidential election, according to new research from Michigan State University.

dateNov 05, 2018 in Education
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Children in foster care at educational disadvantage

Many of the 48,000 Australian children in foster care may struggle to reach national literacy and numeracy benchmarks, could be at higher risk than their peers of becoming disengaged with schooling, being suspended or expelled, ...

dateNov 05, 2018 in Education
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Why so many U.S. students aren't learning math

"Horrendous" is a word James Stigler uses to describe how little math many U.S. students learn in middle schools and high schools. He should know; Stigler, a UCLA professor of developmental and cognitive psychology, has been ...

dateOct 16, 2018 in Education
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Does more education stem political violence?

Recent evidence of above-average levels of education among genocide perpetrators and terrorists, such as those who carried out the 9/11 attacks, has challenged the consensus among scholars that education has a general pacifying ...

How we can turn the tide for women in science

For the first time in 55 years, a woman has won the Nobel Prize in physics —Prof. Donna Strickland. This win has publicly highlighted that women are still under-represented in science, particularly in physics.

You can improve your spatial skills with training: study

Do you marvel at your friend's ability to assemble complex IKEA furniture and navigate a new city, or do you all-around groan at your own lack of spatial skills? Don't fret! A new CIRES-led study found that you, too, can ...

Education improves economic rationality, study finds

There has been sustained interest across behavioral and social sciences – including psychology, economics and education – in whether people are born to be rational decision-makers or if rationality can be enhanced through ...

Social media's impact in an English language classroom

Somali refugees from the civil war had access to very few functioning schools during wartime, followed by long waits in refugee camps before resettlement in the United States. This has resulted in a high incidence of low ...

Stop teaching kids how to be happy, says education expert

A leading educational psychologist is urging schools to stop thinking of wellbeing as another subject to be taught. Instead she is urging them to create healthier schools where students naturally develop wellbeing and a love ...

Teachers' views on LGBQ students are changing

Over the past decade, the American school environment has become slightly more receptive towards students who identify as being either lesbian, gay, bisexual or queer (LGBQ). This is, in part, thanks to the changing attitudes ...

Study: Authentic leaders can address workplace bullying

When it comes to addressing workplace bullying, the solution might rest in training bosses to be more in tune with how their management styles impact colleagues, according to a recent study by Western Ph.D. Nursing student ...

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