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Gender parity in tech transfer

The theme of International Women's Day this past March may have been "gender parity," but at the rate things are going, women won't file as many patents as men in a single calendar year until nearly 2100, according to the ...

dateJun 19, 2018 in Economics & Business
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How over-production of meat is maintained

Meat consumption is high in Sweden, but production nevertheless outstrips demand. In a new doctoral thesis in sociology, Jonas Bååth has studied how Swedish meat producers are handling the problems that arise when supply ...

dateJun 07, 2018 in Economics & Business
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Research reveals digital impact on journalists

Over 3000 Australian print and broadcast journalists have been made redundant in the past six years. A team of academics is investigating their fates and recording the effects of digital media on the profession.

Cultivating corrupt ties in post-Mao China

In "Making Business Personal: Corruption, Anti-corruption, and Elite Networks in Post-Mao China," published in Current Anthropology, John Osburg argues that the implementation of reforms to promote market competition and ...

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