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Majority of CIS economies halt growth

Experts from the HSE Centre for Business Tendency Studies (CBTS) analysed for the first time the growth of the manufacturing industry in CIS countries between 2004 and 2016. It was conducted within the framework of a regional ...

dateOct 26, 2018 in Economics & Business
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Crises can lead to new opportunities

Crises can have a positive outcome for companies. When they see the challenges and changes in the environment as a new normal, they can use it as an opportunity to engage in more ambitious innovation efforts.

New way of thinking about work-life balance is needed

In a paper published in leading academic journal, Human Resource Management Journal, Cranfield School of Management expert, Professor Clare Kelliher, argues that there is a need to review how we think about work-life balance.

Legal cannabis vs. black market: Can it compete?

The Oct. 17 launch of legal recreational cannabis in Canada brings many challenges. Retailers are now worrying about possible product shortages or web site glitches. Governments are still debating how to handle amnesties, ...

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