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Why the boss always gets the blame

An employee receives significantly more praise if his actions result in positive consequences than his superior. An experiment conducted by a team of researchers from Bochum and Cologne has demonstrated that, unlike previously ...

date23 hours ago in Economics & Business
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Do companies need corporate universities?

Researchers at the Higher School of Economics, International Laboratory of Intangible-driven Economy (IDlab), have examined the role of corporate universities in developing human capital and improving performance. Their findings ...

dateFeb 06, 2018 in Economics & Business
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GDP: Gross Domestic Problem?

It can topple governments, confer international bragging rights and pretty much obsessed the government of China once the country began its long march back to economic prowess.

Artificial intelligence predicts corruption

Researchers from the University of Valladolid (Spain) have created a computer model based on neural networks that calculates the probability in Spanish provinces of corruption, as well as the conditions that favor it. This ...

How to achieve extreme productivity

Robert Pozen is a very productive person: An MIT Sloan senior lecturer, he served as the former president of Fidelity Investments, executive chairman of MFS Investment Management, and as an associate general counsel of the ...

Uncovering decades of questionable investments

One of the key principles in asset pricing—how we value everything from stocks and bonds to real estate—is that investments with high risk should, on average, have high returns.

Is it time for a new financial services tribunal?

A new article published in Capital Markets Law Journal argues that consumers and banks could benefit from the creation of a quick and inexpensive financial services tribunal, modeled on the Employment Tribunals, to resolve ...

In India, subtle corruption robs villagers of roads

Examining a major road-building program in India, researchers at Princeton University and the Paris School of Economics used an innovative technique to show that political corruption increased the chances that roads meant ...

Want to make money with stocks? Never listen to analysts

Investors probably expect that following the suggestions of stock analysts would make them better off than doing the exact opposite. Nevertheless, recent research by Nicola Gennaioli and colleagues shows that the best way ...

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