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New modeling approach helps laser glass design

Nd-doped phosphate glasses are used in high energy / high power laser applications due to their low nonlinear refractive index and high stimulated emission cross section. In order to ensure superior properties of laser glasses, ...

How is a metal formed?

What does it mean to be a metal? How is a metal formed? These seem like textbook questions with a simple answer: Metal is characterized by free electrons that give rise to high electric conductivity. But how, exactly, is ...

Egg-based coating preserves fresh produce

Eggs that would otherwise be wasted can be used as the base of an inexpensive coating to protect fruits and vegetables, according to Rice University researchers.

Alternative cement recipes—A recipe for eco-concrete

It is the most widely used product in the world. Cement is indispensable yet its reputation has become quite tainted in the course of the ongoing climate debate. Mixed with water, sand and gravel, it results in concrete, ...

Chemists produce new oxidants as a tool for preparative chemistry

Chemical oxidation, the selective removal of electrons from a substrate, represents one of the most important transformations in chemistry. However, most common oxidants often show disadvantages such as undesired side reactions. ...

Etching the road to a hydrogen economy using plasma jets

Hydrogen is a clean energy source that can be produced by splitting water molecules with light. However, it is currently impossible to achieve this on a large scale. In a recent breakthrough, scientists at Tokyo University ...

JCESR lays foundation for safer, longer-lasting batteries

Electricity storage in batteries is in ever increasing demand for smartphones, laptops, cars and the power grid. Solid-state batteries are among the most promising next-generation technologies because they offer a higher ...

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