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Milk: Best drink to reduce burn from chili peppers

People who order their Buffalo wings especially spicy and sometimes find them to be too "hot," should choose milk to reduce the burn, according to Penn State researchers, who also suggest it does not matter if it is whole ...

High tunnels for specialty crops: The hope and the hinderance

A study out of Indiana and Purdue Universities sought to gain a better understanding, from the perspective of farmers, of the challenges and advantageous opportunities associated with using high tunnels for specialty crops ...

Growers hope standards bring order to hemp industry 'mess'

A unit of wheat is called a bushel, and a standard weight of potatoes is called a century. But hemp as a fully legal U.S. agricultural commodity is so new that a unit of hemp seed doesn't yet have a universal name or an agreed-upon ...

German railways to stop using glyphosate on tracks

German state-owned rail operator Deutsche Bahn is to stop using glyphosate on its tracks and is looking for substitutes to replace the controversial weedkiller, one of its board members said in an interview Friday.

Bayer admits Monsanto may have other 'watch lists'

German chemical giants Bayer admitted Monday its subsidiary Monsanto could have kept lists of key figures—for or against pesticides—"in other European countries", and not just in France.

Researchers look to extend shelf life of nutritious vegetables

While helping small farms in Alabama, researchers at The University of Alabama and the University of West Alabama hope to provide agricultural solutions that assist a class of nutritious vegetables to last longer in supermarkets ...

Can flipping coins replace animal experiments?

Instead of repeating an experiment in a mouse model of disease in their laboratory, researchers in Berlin, Germany used a coin toss to confirm whether a drug protects the brain against a stroke, as reported in their paper ...

Bionics: Electric view in murky waters

When dealing with disasters or searching for objects, robots or drones with cameras are usually used. However, conventional cameras are of rather limited use in murky, dark water, such as in a sewage pipe or a lake that is ...

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