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In the deserts of Dubai, salmon farming thrives

From a control room in the middle of Dubai's desert, Norway's sunrises and sunsets and the cool currents of the Atlantic are recreated for the benefit of thousands of salmon raised in tanks despite searing conditions outside.

Bayer reports surge in number of legal cases over Roundup

German chemical and pharmaceutical giant Bayer reported Wednesday that US legal cases over weedkiller Roundup have more than doubled, but investors appeared more focused on the group's strong business performance.

Lab-grown meat: Researchers grow muscle cells on edible fibers

Lab-grown or cultured meat could revolutionize food production, providing a greener, more sustainable, more ethical alternative to large-scale meat production. But getting lab-grown meat from the petri dish to the dinner ...

Tulips from Amsterdam? Not so much says new probe

Tourists are being ripped off at Amsterdam's famous flower market, with just one percent of all bulbs sold at the floating bazaar ever producing a blossom, investigators said Tuesday.

Golden Ratio observed in human skulls

The Golden Ratio, described by Leonardo da Vinci and Luca Pacioli as the "Divine Proportion," is an infinite number often found in nature, art and mathematics. It's a pattern in pinecones, seashells, galaxies and hurricanes.

'Yank': A new term in biophysics

Biologists and biomedical engineers are proposing to define the term "yank" for changes in force over time, something that our muscles and nerves can feel and respond to.

EPA to scale back use of animals to test chemical toxicity

The Environmental Protection Agency is aiming to reduce and eventually eliminate the use of mammals to test the toxicity of chemicals, a move backed by animal rights groups but criticized as irresponsible by a leading environmental ...

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