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Wagyu beef passes the taste test of science

The unique flavor, texture and aroma of Australia's famous Wagyu beef can now be marketed using a world-first flavor profile developed by The University of Queensland in partnership with the Australian Agricultural Company ...

First food-grade intermediate wheatgrass released

Compared to annual crops, perennial crops provide sustainable environmental benefits such as reduced soil and water erosion, reduced soil nitrate leaching, and increased carbon sequestration. Inclusion of sustainable cropping ...

Are cover crops negatively impacting row crops?

Winter cover crops benefit soil health and can suppress weeds in subsequent row crops but may also lead to lower yields. Some farmers and agronomists speculate that allelopathic chemicals released by cover crops may be the ...

Researchers develop a method for predicting unprecedented events

A black swan event is a highly unlikely but massively consequential incident, such as the 2008 global recession and the loss of one-third of the world's saiga antelope in a matter of days in 2015. Challenging the quintessentially ...

Bayer pays $10 bn to settle weedkiller cancer cases

German chemical giant Bayer said on Wednesday it had agreed to pay more than $10 billion to end a wave of lawsuits from Americans who say their cancers were caused by its Roundup weedkiller.

New evidence on bed bug burden in urban neighborhoods

In the first study to use systematically collected data from multifamily housing inspections to track bed bug infestation, investigators including Christopher Sutherland at the University of Massachusetts Amherst "confirm ...

No time to waste to avoid future food shortages

During the past few weeks, empty supermarket shelves, without pasta, rice and flour due to panic buying, has caused public concerns about the possibility of running out of food. Australian farmers have reassured consumers ...

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