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Study: Even short-lived solar panels can be economically viable

A new study shows that, contrary to widespread belief within the solar power industry, new kinds of solar cells and panels don't necessarily have to last for 25 to 30 years in order to be economically viable in today's market.

Lighting the path to renewable energy

Solar power offers a promising, renewable alternative to fossil fuels. But solar power production is complicated and influenced by ever-changing factors like cloud coverage, the time of day, and even dust particles in the ...

Approaching the battery of tomorrow with help from a laser

Eco-friendlier, cheaper, with a bigger storage capacity and increased lifetime: many demands are made on the battery of the future. A Spanish team of researchers uses laser technology to design the next generation of batteries.

Ocean power: A green option failing to make waves

The tidal power plant on the Rance river in Brittany, France, stands as a reminder of the underexploited potential of energy generation from ocean tides, waves and warmth.

The long road to clean energy

The vital transition to a zero-carbon economy is likely to be a long and rocky road. So-called green energy is booming, but not fast enough to curb climate change, which is accelerating at an alarming pace as oil, gas and ...

Charging toward electric bus and charger interoperability

Imagine the cities of the future: cleaner, more sustainable, with ecofriendly urban transport such as electrically powered buses, garbage trucks and delivery vehicles that can be charged quickly and automatically. For this ...

Algae and bacteria team up to increase hydrogen production

In line with the fight against climate change and the search for a sustainable future, there is the idea of a future society based on hydrogen used as a fuel. This biofuel of the future could be what cars and engines run ...

Welcome indoors, solar cells

Swedish and Chinese scientists have developed organic solar cells optimized to convert ambient indoor light to electricity. The power they produce is low, but is probably enough to feed the millions of products that the Internet ...

Siemens, Orascom to rebuild vast Iraq power plant

Iraq on Saturday signed a $1.3 billion deal with German industrial conglomerate Siemens and Egypt's Orascom Construction to rebuild a major power plant complex in the ravaged city of Baiji, north of Baghdad.

Researchers design roadmap for hydrogen supply network

Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in British Columbia. Researchers at the University of British Columbia have developed a hydrogen supply chain model that can enable the adoption of zero-emission, ...

Device generates light from the cold night sky

An inexpensive thermoelectric device harnesses the cold of space without active heat input, generating electricity that powers an LED at night, researchers report September 12 in the journal Joule.

Photovoltaics could cool our homes with the power of the sun

The International Energy Agency has dubbed increased global cooling demand as one of the most critical blind spots in today's energy debate. A new study titled "Meeting Increased Global Cooling Demand with Photovoltaics during ...

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