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Smart grids: Enhancing resilience

Robustness of urban infrastructures in situations of crisis mainly depends on stable power supply. This is a particular challenge when planning future smart grids that have to cope with volatile conditions anyway. Smart grids ...

dateSep 18, 2018 in Energy & Green Tech
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Lego-style solar panels to smash energy bills

Ready-made snap-together solar panels that turn waste heat into hot water are being developed at Brunel University London in a £10 million sustainable energy scheme starting next month.

Nuclear reactors in hurricanes: 5 questions answered

Hurricane Florence may affect the operations of several of the 16 nuclear reactors located in the Carolinas and Virginia, raising concerns about safety and power outages. Ted Kury, director of energy studies at the University ...

What is energy security, and how has it changed?

The idea of energy security has been at the centre of much policy debate recently. The federal government defines energy security as the adequate supply of energy across the electricity, gas and liquid fuel sectors.

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