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Owner behavior affects effort and accuracy in dogs' communications

Human communication has evolved mechanisms that can be observed across all cultures and languages, including the use of communication history and the principle of least effort. These two factors enable us to use shared information ...

Host factors identified for infections caused by listeria

Professor Juan José Quereda Torres at the Faculty of Veterinary Studies of the CEU Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia, has just published the results of his study into the infectious process of the Listeria monocytogenes ...

New weapons for fighting Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease

Researchers at the University of Tasmania's Menzies Institute for Medical Research and the School of Medicine have added an arsenal of new tools to their repertoire for fighting the insidious devil facial tumor disease.

Dogs, thunderstorms and fireworks: The fear is real

Dogs with noise phobias show symptoms including panting, pacing and hiding. They are often so frightened they try and escape and can sustain injuries in the process. Because of this, fearful dogs can be a danger to themselves.

Risk factors for heatstroke in UK dogs

Dogs that are older and heavier than their breed average or that have flat faces are at higher risk of heat-related illness, according to a study in Scientific Reports.

Could China's strategic pork reserve be a model for the US?

During the height of the coronavirus pandemic, we became accustomed to face-masked shoppers, social distancing and one-way aisles at the grocery store. But most shocking was the scene at the supermarket meat case.

China reports progress in swine fever vaccine trials

A vaccine developed in China for African swine fever, which devastated the country's pig herd and caused pork prices to soar, is progressing smoothly, according to results reported on Wednesday.

What heading back to the office means for our pets

As we head back to the office, and our time spent at home slowly lessens, we need to consider how our pets will fare with this change and what we can do to help them through the process.

Yes, your dog wants to rescue you

Imagine you're a dog. Your owner is trapped in a box and is crying out for help. Are you aware of his despair? If so, can you set him free? And what's more, do you really want to?

Researchers find CBD improves arthritis symptoms in dogs

A team led by researchers at Baylor College of Medicine in collaboration with Medterra CBD conducted the first scientific studies to assess the potential therapeutic effects of cannabidiol (CBD) for arthritic pain in dogs, ...

How seasonal allergies affect your pet

With an uptick in pollen comes the torturous sneezing and watery eyes. Pets get seasonal allergies, too, but they exhibit discomfort in different ways.

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