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South Korea confirms 2nd case of African swine fever

South Korea on Wednesday confirmed a second case of African swine fever near its border with North Korea, raising concerns that the outbreak could spread and wreak havoc on the country's massive pig herds.

South Korea confirms first swine fever outbreak

South Korea on Tuesday reported its first cases of African swine fever, becoming the latest country hit by the disease that has killed pigs from China to North Korea, pushing up pork prices worldwide.

Antibiotic resistance surges in dolphins, mirroring humans

Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest public health challenges in the world today since many common bacterial infections are developing resistance to the drugs once used to treat them, and new antibiotics aren't being ...

Hidden danger from pet dogs in Africa

Dogs in tropical Africa run the risk of contracting canine trypanosomosis if they are bitten by bloodsucking tsetse flies carrying trypanosomes—microscopic, single-celled organisms found in the bloodstream. In dogs, this ...

Philippines confirms African swine fever, culls 7,000 pigs

Lab tests have confirmed that African swine fever caused the deaths of pig herds in at least seven villages near Manila and a multiagency body will be set up to ensure the highly contagious disease does not spread further, ...

Mysterious disease killing dogs in Norway

Norwegian authorities haven't been able to detect the cause behind an unexplained disease that is estimated to have killed dozens of dogs in the country in recent days, officials said Saturday.

Solving a hidden threat to New Zealand's meat and dairy industry

Associate Professors Bridget Stocker and Mattie Timmer from Victoria University of Wellington are working with AgResearch to help address this problem, developing vaccines to help prevent ovine pneumonia, with promising early ...

Livestock disease risk tied to herd management style

A new study provides an updated picture of the prevalence of the sheep and goat plague virus (PPRV), a widespread and often fatal disease that threatens 80 percent of the world's sheep and goats, in northern Tanzania.

Keeping your dog safe from toxic blue-green algae

When we see green, scummy water, we know better than to drink it or even swim in it. But the same is not true for many dogs, and that green scum could be a toxic blue-green algae bloom, which can be fatal to animals.

Riding in cars with dogs

Compulsory testing of in-car dog restraints and better education about the dangers of having pets loose in the car are needed to ensure the safety of drivers and pets, a new study from the University of Adelaide suggests.

Science wages a battle against the swine sector's costliest virus

People who work in the swine sector have declared war on what is known as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Virus (PRRSV), responsible for millions in losses, not only in Spain, but throughout the world. Although ...

Why dogs really are a person's best friend

Researchers from The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) at Trinity College have highlighted the positive links between dog ownership and higher levels of physical activity in middle-aged and older adults.

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