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Developing a better diagnostic nano-probe

Biomarkers are components that may be present in biological samples and are related to specific diseases. Therefore, doctors can analyze biological samples from a patient to check their health condition or to monitor the ...

New imaging method makes tiny robots visible in the body

Microrobots have the potential to revolutionize medicine. Researchers at the Max Planck ETH Centre for Learning Systems have now developed an imaging technique that for the first time recognizes cell-sized microrobots individually ...

Detecting viruses in a pinprick

Scientists at Swansea University, Biovici Ltd and the National Physical Laboratory have developed a method to detect viruses in very small volumes.

Cooling speeds up electrons in bacterial nanowires

The ground beneath our feet and under the ocean floor is an electrically-charged grid, the product of bacteria "exhaling" excess electrons through tiny nanowires in an environment lacking oxygen.

D-peptide ligand of Y1 receptor developed for targeting gliomas

A research group led by Prof. Wu Aiguo at the Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering (NIMTE) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), in cooperation with Prof. Dan Larhammar's group at Uppsala University, ...

Engineers develop fast and accurate COVID-19 sensor

Engineers at Johns Hopkins University, supported in part by the U.S. National Science Foundation, have developed a COVID-19 sensor that addresses the limitations of the two most widely used types of COVID-19 tests: PCR tests ...

A new method for exploring the nano-world

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light (MPL) and Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin (MPZPM) in Erlangen present a large step forward in the characterization of nanoparticles. They used a special ...

Building 'nanofactories' to help make medicines and more

Thanks to a lesser-known feature of microbiology, Michigan State University researchers have helped open a door that could lead to medicines, vitamins and more being made at lower costs and with improved efficiency.

The use of magnetic nanoparticles for cancer therapy

A joint research paper from Chemnitz University of Technology and Shivaji University (India) titled "APTES monolayer coverage on self-assembled magnetic nanospheres for controlled release of anticancer drug Nintedanib" was ...

An easily reversed hydrogel male contraceptive

A team of researchers working at China's Fourth Hospital of Harbin Medical University has developed a new kind of male contraceptive that is easily reversed. In their paper published in the journal ACS Nano, the group describes ...

Scientists develop novel circulating tumor DNA biosensor

Nucleic acids analysis is mainly used in pathogen detection, genetic disease identification and early cancer diagnosis. For example, quantitative analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), a free DNA fragment derived from ...

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