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Alternative statistical method could improve clinical trials

An alternative statistical method honed and advanced by Cornell researchers can make clinical trials more reliable and trustworthy while also helping to remedy what has been called a "replicability crisis" in the scientific ...

A mathematical model may give more efficient climate talks

Achieving consensus among countries in global climate negotiations is a long and complicated process. Researchers at Linköping University have developed a mathematical model that describes the achievement of the 2015 Paris ...

The paradox of big data spoils vaccination surveys

When Delphi-Facebook and the U.S. Census Bureau provided near-real time estimates of COVID-19 vaccine uptake last spring, their weekly surveys drew on responses from as many as 250,000 people.

Study confirms link between spatial and math skills

People use spatial skills to manipulate, organize, reason about, and make sense of spatial relationships in real and imagined spaces. Estimating how much leftover mashed potatoes will fit in a storage container requires spatial ...

The Riemann conjecture unveiled by physics

A mystery of mathematics that has remained unsolved for more than 150 years can be unraveled thanks to a completely unexpected approach coming from statistical physics. This is the important conclusion of Giuseppe Mussardo, ...

An exploration of tipping in complex systems

Complex systems can be found in a diverse array of real-world scenarios, but are unified by their ability to suddenly transition between drastically different patterns of behavior. Known as 'tipping,' this type of transformation ...

A brief history of minimal surfaces and the ants that love them

Consider a soap bubble. The way it contains the minimal possible surface area is surprisingly efficient. This is not a trivial issue. Mathematicians have been looking for better ways to calculate minimal surfaces for hundreds ...

When is a 'basin of attraction' like an octopus?

Mathematicians who study dynamical systems often focus on the rules of attraction. Namely, how does the choice of the starting point affect where a system ends up? Some systems are easier to describe than others. A swinging ...

Judging the gymnastics judges

A new statistical engine that can systematically pinpoint how accurately gymnastics judges apply required marking guidelines has been developed by researchers in Switzerland. The results are published in De Gruyter's Journal ...

Efficient light with the help of mathematics

How do you make sure that light gets to the right place without loss of energy? To do that, lamps often use mirrors and lenses. But how do you adjust them properly to get the correct light output? Lotte Romijn investigated ...

Physics meets democracy in this modeling study

A study in the journal Physica A leverages concepts from physics to model how campaign strategies influence the opinions of an electorate in a two-party system.

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