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Mathematics of scale: Big, small and everything in between

Breathe. As your lungs expand, air fills 500 million tiny alveoli, each a fraction of a millimeter across. As you exhale, these millions of tiny breaths merge effortlessly through larger and larger airways into one ultimate ...

'The Big Bang Theory' takes math notes from Carl Pomerance

A prime number theory equation by mathematics professor emeritus Carl Pomerance turned up on The Big Bang Theory, where it was scrawled on a white board in the background of the hit sitcom about a group of friends and roommates ...

A faster method for multiplying very big numbers

The multiplication of integers is a problem that has kept mathematicians busy since Antiquity. The "Babylonian" method we learn at school requires us to multiply each digit of the first number by each digit of the second ...

Bristol mathematician cracks Diophantine puzzle

A mathematician from the University of Bristol has found a solution to part of a 64-year old mathematical problem – expressing the number 33 as the sum of three cubes.

Sentiment analysis for portfolio management

NUS data scientists have developed a deep learning-based text data analytics method to extract sentiment information from analyst reports for investment decisions.

Abel Prize for maths awarded to woman for first time

Women took another step forward in the still male-dominated world of science Tuesday, as American Karen Uhlenbeck won the Abel Prize in mathematics for her work on partial differential equations.

Video: Our endless fascination with pi

For centuries, pi—the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter—has fascinated mathematicians and scientists. The number, which is infinite but never falls into a repeating pattern, is used in formulae throughout ...

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