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Video: The real risks of a pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a reflection on our society and shows us just how vulnerable we are, despite all the advanced mathematical models that are supposed to make policy- and decision-makers aware of the potential risks ...

Mathematician helps resolve question first asked 60 years ago

An Irish mathematician, Dr. Martin Kerin, from the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway, has had a research article published in the Annals of Mathematics, widely regarded as the top journal ...

Mathematicians reveal the science behind figure skating

A new mathematical model developed by University of Alberta scientists shows how figure skaters move across the ice—and could help professional skaters hone their technique or prevent injuries.

An inmate's love for math leads to new discoveries

There are many examples of mathematical breakthroughs achieved in prison. Maybe the most famous is from the French mathematician Andre Weil, who came up with his hugely influential conjectures while in a military prison in ...

The math behind the COVID-19 modeling

Some of us might have been happy to leave mathematics behind in high school or college, but as the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, math has had a daily effect on all of our lives—even if we don't have to crunch the numbers ...

Defining geographic regions with commuter data

A new mathematical approach uses data on people's commutes between and within U.S. counties to identify important geographic regions. Mark He of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and colleagues present this ...

A new way to accurately estimate COVID-19 death toll

A Rutgers engineer has created a mathematical model that accurately estimates the death toll linked to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States and could be used around the world.

Mathematical curves predict evolution in COVID-19 spread

Efforts to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic are now the top priority of governments across the globe. As they make these life-saving decisions, it is particularly crucial for policymakers to accurately predict ...

Matheminecraft: Where math and Minecraft meet

Mathematician David Strütt, a scientific collaborator at EPFL, worked for four months to develop Matheminecraft, a math video game in Minecraft, where the gamer has to find a Eulerian cycle in a graph. Minecraft is a sandbox ...

Better predictions of the working life of industrial components

A minor disparity between an established mathematical model to predict creep crack growth behavior in materials in high-temperature environments and actual data has prompted Dr. Warwick Payten to reassess the approach and ...

Decrypting cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been treated as a financial terra incognita—they have enjoyed growing interest but also raised concerns due to their virtuality. The use of statistical methods utilizing correlation matrices to analyze ...

Representation of driving behavior as a statistical model

A joint research team from Toyohashi University of Technology, Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering, Toyota Transportation Research Institute, and Daido University has established a method to represent driving ...

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