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Rare superconductor may be vital for quantum computing

Research led by the University of Kent and the STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory has resulted in the discovery of a new rare topological superconductor, LaPt3P. This discovery may be of huge importance to the future operations ...

Physicists uncover secrets of world's thinnest superconductor

Physicists from across three continents report the first experimental evidence to explain the unusual electronic behavior behind the world's thinnest superconductor, a material with myriad applications because it conducts ...

Mapping the electronic states in an exotic superconductor

Scientists characterized how the electronic states in a compound containing iron, tellurium, and selenium depend on local chemical concentrations. They discovered that superconductivity (conducting electricity without resistance), ...

Heat conduction record with tantalum nitride

A thermos bottle has the task of preserving the temperature—but sometimes you want to achieve the opposite: Computer chips generate heat that must be dissipated as quickly as possible so that the chip is not destroyed. ...

Superconductivity from buckled-honeycomb-vacancy ordering

Crystals inherently possess imperfections. Vacancies, as the simplest form of point defects, significantly alter the optical, thermal, and electrical properties of materials. Well-known examples include color centers in many ...

Magnetism meets topology on a superconductor's surface

Electrons in a solid occupy distinct energy bands separated by gaps. Energy band gaps are an electronic "no man's land," an energy range where no electrons are allowed. Now, scientists studying a compound containing iron, ...

Spontaneous superconducting currents in strontium ruthenate

Superconductivity is a complete loss of electrical resistance. Superconductors are not merely very good metals: they represent a fundamentally different electronic state. In normal metals, electrons move individually, and ...

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