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Scientists couple terahertz radiation with spin waves

An international research team led by the Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) has developed a new method for the efficient coupling of terahertz waves with much shorter wavelengths, so-called spin waves. As the experts ...

How silicides impact the performance of transmon qubits

Just as the sound of a guitar depends on its strings and the materials used for its body, the performance of a quantum computer depends on the composition of its building blocks. Arguably the most critical components are ...

Ultrafast control of spins in a microscope

Researchers at EPFL have developed a new technique that can visualize and control the rotation of a handful of spins arranged in a vortex-like texture at the fastest speed ever achieved. The breakthrough can advance "spintronics," ...

Active matter theory explains fire-ant group behavior

Ants are social insects and the Solenopsis invicta species—known as the fire ant—is no exception. The social interactions of this invasive insect, which comes from South America, are framed within the context of the theory ...

Distinguishing between right and left with magnets

Using a chiral superconductor, scientists at Institute for Molecular Science and Shizuoka University have demonstrated that the magnet can distinguish right and left forms of the chiral crystal despite the common belief that ...

New spin control method brings billion-qubit quantum chips closer

Australian engineers have discovered a new way of precisely controlling single electrons nestled in quantum dots that run logic gates. What's more, the new mechanism is less bulky and requires fewer parts, which could prove ...

A new milestone for light-driven electronics

An international team of scientists collaborating within the Würzburg-Dresden Cluster of Excellence ct.qmat has achieved a breakthrough in quantum research—the first detection of excitons (electrically neutral quasiparticles) ...

The Donnan potential, revealed at last

The Donnan electric potential arises from an imbalance of charges at the interface of a charged membrane and a liquid, and for more than a century it has stubbornly eluded direct measurement. Many researchers have even written ...

Dynamical fractal discovered in clean magnetic crystal

The nature and properties of materials depend strongly on dimension. Imagine how different life in a one-dimensional or two-dimensional world would be from the three dimensions we're commonly accustomed to. With this in mind, ...

An X-ray step towards superfast nanoelectronics

When a material with magnetic properties, constructed from appropriately selected layers, is illuminated by a pulse from an X-ray laser, it instantly demagnetizes. This phenomenon, so far poorly understood, could in the future ...

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