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Biotechnology news

Models give synthetic biologists a head start

Synthetic biologists have the tools to build complex, computer-like DNA circuits that sense or trigger activities in cells, and thanks to scientists at Rice University and the University of Houston they now they have a way ...

dateAug 14, 2018 in Biotechnology
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VOX pops cereal challenge

A popular technique for studying genes from different organisms plus a new carrier to transfer them to plants has yielded a powerful tool for understanding crops better.

dateAug 13, 2018 in Biotechnology
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Hijacking hormones for plant growth

Hormones designed in the lab through a technique combining chemistry, biology, and engineering might be used to manipulate plant growth in numerous ways, according to a New Phytologist study.

Sequenced fox genome hints at genetic basis of behavior

For nearly 60 years, the red fox has been teaching scientists about animal behavior. In a long-term experiment, foxes at the Russian Institute of Cytology and Genetics have been selected for tameness or aggression, recreating ...

Key gene to accelerate sugarcane growth is identified

Despite international breeding efforts, advanced agronomy and effective management of pests and diseases, sugarcane yields have been static for decades owing to constraints on culm development. The culm's sugar storage capacity ...

CRISPR diversifies: Cut, paste, on, off, and now—evolve

Life is astoundingly diverse. By taking antibiotics to stop infections or using yeast to brew beer, we are co-opting useful products and processes that evolved naturally. But what happens when the trait we want can't be found ...

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