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Rijksmuseum given unique painting to remember virus victims

Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum will display a famous 16th-century painting donated to commemorate victims of the coronavirus when it re-opens next week, almost three months after closing its doors, the museum said Wednesday.

TED group backs pandemic response effort

The big-ideas TED Conference said Thursday it was allocating prize funding this year to a project aimed at tackling pandemics like the COVID-19 outbreak and related health initiatives.

US university tracking virus' spread warns of layoffs, cuts

Johns Hopkins University, whose researchers have been at the forefront of the global response to the new coronavirus, is expecting to cut salaries and furlough and lay off employees because of multimillion-dollar losses arising ...

Innovating the peer-review research process

A team of scientists led by a Michigan State University astronomer has found that a new process of evaluating proposed scientific research projects is as effective—if not more so—than the traditional peer-review method.

How to tame 'wicked problems' like COVID-19

It is easy to buy into the narrative that COVID-19 is one of the five horsemen of the apocalypse, if you read historian Ian Morris and his analysis of the rise and fall of human social development over the past 15,000 years.

How Africa has developed its scientific research capabilities

Africa's preparedness for containing the spread of COVID-19 is determined by several factors. So far the focus has been on Africa's weak health systems. But the region's growing scientific competence in virology, genomics ...

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