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US unveils changes to attract foreign science, tech students

The Biden administration on Friday announced policy changes to attract international students specializing in science, technology, engineering and math—part of the broader effort to make the U.S. economy more competitive.

Rare African script offers clues to the evolution of writing

The world's very first invention of writing took place over 5000 years ago in the Middle East, before it was reinvented in China and Central America. Today, almost all human activities—from education to political systems ...

California domestic migration has plunged during pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has put sharp downward pressure on California's population, with far fewer people coming from other states to live here and slightly more people than usual leaving to live elsewhere, according to a new ...

Best of last year: The top articles of 2021

2021 was a good year for research of all kinds. The strongest coronal mass ejection in years made headlines this past May, prompting experts around the world to urge world leaders to take it as a warning. Future storms, many ...

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Earliest known report of ball lightning phenomenon in England discovered
Earth Sciences
Fossil snail shells offer new tool for analyzing ancient ocean chemistry
Optics & Photonics
Getting in gear: Researchers create a slow light device with high optical quality
Plasma Physics
Hot stuff: Lab hits milestone on long road to fusion power
Quantum Physics
Research team chase down advantage in quantum race
Quantum Physics
Vibrating atoms make robust qubits, physicists find
Space Exploration
Three, two, one: astronomers predict SpaceX space junk will hit the Moon
Researchers reveal the fourth signature of the superconducting transition in cuprates
Breakthrough measurements of vibrating atoms in nanostructures ushers in new class of technology
Social Sciences
Universal sex differences appear in adolescents' career aspirations, study finds
Cell & Microbiology
Groundbreaking study reveals dynamics of DNA replication 'licensing'
What makes cobalt essential to life?
Binary black hole spin behavior revealed using novel techniques
General Physics
Using lanthanide–lanthanide bonds to create more powerful permanent magnets
New method for making microparticles could accelerate drug development, production of new cell strains
Ice-age remains near Sea of Galilee show ancient residents thrived as ice melted
Research investigated eclipsing binary V608 Cassiopeiae
Suitable growing regions for coffee, cashews, and avocados predicted to shift as Earth warms
Condensed Matter
Superelasticity of a photoactuating chiral crystal
Quantum Physics
Scientists simulate 'fingerprint' of noise on quantum computer