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Animated maps reveal true level of devastation in Ukraine

Two years of war in Ukraine have caused widespread devastation to the country's citizenry, infrastructure and environment, and new research utilizing publicly accessible satellite imagery lays bare the scope of destruction.

Lab-grown diamonds put natural gems under pressure

The glittering diamonds sparkle the same but there are key differences: mined natural gems are more than a billion years old, while laboratory-made rocks are new and cost less than half the price.

What inner speech is, and why philosophy is waking up to it

It is quite rare for philosophers to start investigating a new area, and a lot of the questions they explore have been around since ancient times. However, there is something they have only begun to look at closely in the ...

'Doomsday Clock' remains at 90 seconds to midnight

The symbolic "Doomsday Clock" was held at 90 seconds to midnight Tuesday, reflecting existential threats to humanity posed by potential nuclear escalation from the war in Ukraine and the multiplying impacts of the climate ...

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Economics & Business
Researchers show Reddit users caused the famous GameStop 'short squeeze'
Soft Matter
Researchers offer theoretical description of topological water wave structures
Pythagoras was wrong: There are no universal musical harmonies, study finds
Optics & Photonics
Researchers develop world-leading microwave photonics chip for high-speed signal processing
Earth Sciences
Lake bottom testing shows plastics migrating down into sediment layers
Paleontology & Fossils
New species of ancient vampire squid unearthed in Luxembourg
Variable star V708 Car has an unusual chemical composition, study finds
Space Exploration
A NASA mission that collided with an asteroid didn't just leave a dent. It reshaped the space rock
Researcher proposes paradigm shift in enzyme biochemistry
Earth Sciences
Tsunami on the plains: Researchers find that sea waves once swept Canadian Prairie Provinces
Improving lithium-sulfur batteries with metal-organic framework-based materials
Plants & Animals
Extinctions could result as fish change foraging behavior in response to rising temperatures
Analytical Chemistry
Research team develops a more durable coating against ice
Linking environmental influences, genetic research to address concerns of genetic determinism of human behavior
Planetary Sciences
Researchers leverage machine learning to improve space weather predictions
Nanocrystals set new hydrogen production activity record under visible and near-infrared irradiation
You may be breathing in more tiny nanoparticles from your gas stove than from car exhaust
Plants & Animals
Vital seagrasses in gulf of Mexico are retreating amid rapid sea level rise
Scientists use blue-green algae as a surrogate mother for 'meat-like' proteins
Exploring galaxy groups and clusters and their brightest galaxies within the cosmic web