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TED talks seek to inject optimism into pandemic gloom

A TED conference under the theme "The Case for Optimism" on Monday threw down the gauntlet for a return to face-to-face gatherings, despite the daunting challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, climate change and deep political ...

Science historian discusses U.S. government report on UFOs

Tucked in the $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief package that passed in December was a stipulation initially overlooked by many. As part of the Intelligence Authorization Act, the government was required to publicly release the ...

Research rebuttal paper uncovers misuse of Holocaust datasets

Aerospace engineering faculty member Melkior Ornik is also a mathematician, a history buff, and a strong believer in integrity when it comes to using hard science in public discussions. So, when a story popped up in his news ...

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Napoleonic jewels dazzle in Geneva auction

A jewellery set worn by French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte's adopted daughter sold for $1.65 million in Geneva on Wednesday, soaring way above the pre-auction estimate.

Beyond vaccines, UNESCO wants more global science shared

While the U.S. president is calling for suspending patents on COVID-19 vaccines, experts at UNESCO are quietly working on a more ambitious plan: a new global system for sharing scientific knowledge that would outlast the ...