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Archaeology & Fossils news

Growing a dinosaur's dinner

Scientists have measured the nutritional value of herbivore dinosaurs' diet by growing their food in atmospheric conditions similar to those found roughly 150 million years ago.

dateJul 13, 2018 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Mystery of the Basel papyrus solved

Since the 16th century, Basel has been home to a mysterious papyrus. With mirror writing on both sides, it has puzzled generations of researchers. A research team from the University of Basel has now discovered that it is ...

dateJul 13, 2018 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Archaeologists urge Albania to protect underwater heritage

Hundreds of Roman and Greek artifacts and ancient shipwrecks sitting under Albania's barely explored coastline are in danger of falling prey to looters or treasure hunters if not properly protected, researchers and archaeologists ...

Chasing dinosaurs in Myanmar's conflict-ridden north

"Amber hunters" on a quest for a Jurassic Park-style discovery of dinosaur remains sift through mounds of the precious resin in Myanmar—a lucrative trade that captivates palaeontologists but also fuels a decades-long conflict ...

2000-year-old mummy found near Russian reservoir

A team of researchers from St Petersburg's Institute of History of Material Culture has found the naturalized remains of a mummy in an ancient gravesite near the Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam in Russia. In speaking with the press, ...

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