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New treasures from Tutankhamun's tomb

As part of a German-Egyptian project, archaeologists from Tübingen for the first time examine embossed gold applications from the sensational find of 1922. The motifs indicate surprising links between the Levant and the ...

dateNov 17, 2017 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Researchers look for dawn of human information sharing

Every day, information washes over the world like so much weather. From casual conversations, tweets, texts, emails, advertisements and news stories, humanity processes countless discrete pieces of socially transmitted information.

Outrage after Kyrgyzstan reburies its only ancient mummy

Scientists have called for Kyrgyzstan's only mummy to be immediately dug back up after the 1,500-year-old relic was taken from a museum and hastily reburied on the eve of a presidential election in a decision celebrated by ...

Three ways to preserve a Neolithic site

An EPFL study commissioned by the Canton of Bern has come up with three possible ways of protecting the Sutz-Lattrigen archaeological site, which offers a rare insight into the lives of pile dwellers. Sutz-Lattrigen was listed ...

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