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Archaeology & Fossils news

Surviving climate change, then and now

Trade and social networking helped our Homo sapiens ancestors survive a climate-changing volcanic eruption 40,000 years ago, giving hope that we will be able to ride out global warming by staying interconnected, a new study ...

More than 3000 years of human activity in 5 square metres

Nico Staring, researcher in Egyptian art, culture and history is taking part in an excavation mission in Saqqara. During the New Kingdom, the tombs of Horemheb and Maya were built. But also long before and after, over a period ...

The dinosaur menu, as revealed by calcium

By studying calcium in fossil remains in deposits in Morocco and Niger, researchers have been able to reconstruct the food chains of the past, thus explaining how so many predators could coexist in the dinosaurs' time. This ...

The evolutionary advantage of having eyebrows

Eyebrows—we all have them, but what are they actually for? While eyebrows help to prevent debris, sweat, and water from falling into the eye socket, they serve another important function too – and it's all to do with ...

Astronomers witness galaxy megamerger
Balancing nuclear and renewable energy
Entanglement observed in near-macroscopic objects
How the building blocks of life may form in space

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