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Renaissance for artisanal mortar

To adapt mortar to new building materials and industrial methods, the content in walls and plaster changed during the 20th century. The change meant that knowledge of historical materials and methods for producing mortar ...

dateMar 11, 2019 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Preserving the past in 3-D

It isn't often that you get a sunny, 70-degree day in the beginning of February, especially less than a week after a record-setting cold snap plunged most of Illinois into subzero temperatures. We certainly aren't about to ...

dateMar 08, 2019 in Archaeology & Fossils
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Debunking the colonial myth of the 'naked Bushman'

To dress is a unique human experience, but practices and meanings of dress are as different as the people populating the world. In a Western cultural tradition, the practice of dressing "properly" has for centuries distinguished ...

A small plesiosaur lived in Spain 125 million years ago

Plesiosaurs, erroneously viewed as dinosaurs, inhabited all Earth's oceans between 200 million and 65 million years ago. In the Peninsula, only scarce remains of these long-necked reptiles had been found. Now, a group of ...

Diversification after mass extinction

A team led by LMU paleontologist Adriana López-Arbarello has identified three hitherto unknown fossil fish species in the Swiss Alps, which provide new insights into the diversification of the genus Eosemionotus.

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