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A special elemental magic

A staple in every science classroom is the periodic table of elements, and for many it is their first introduction to the vast mysteries of the natural world.

Going nuclear on the moon and Mars

It might sound like science fiction, but scientists are preparing to build colonies on the moon and, eventually, Mars. With NASA planning its next human mission to the moon in 2024, researchers are looking for options to ...

Chemistry job seekers face tough outlook during pandemic

Even though it's been over a decade, the 2008 recession and its effects still loom over the chemistry enterprise. And now with the COVID-19 pandemic shutting down labs and universities across the world, chemistry students ...

COVID-19: A wake-up call to rebalance the drug supply chain?

Over 80% of chemicals used to make pharmaceuticals sold in Europe originate from China or India, according to the European Fine Chemicals Group. When COVID-19 emerged in Wuhan and spread across the globe, experts worried ...

Computers join the fight against COVID-19

Scientists everywhere are banding together to fight the novel coronavirus, and they're already making progress. Computational chemists are focused on building computer models of the virus's parts, which could aid in developing ...

Chocolate 'fingerprints' could confirm label claims

The flavor and aroma of a fine chocolate emerge from its ecology, in addition to its processing. But can you be certain that the bar you bought is really from the exotic locale stated on the wrapper? Now, researchers are ...

Scientists invent a new way of creating meat analogs

Worldwide focus on meat analogs keeps increasing to start producing vegetable protein non-cholesterol products containing essential amino acids. Extrusion is the best way to texture vegetable proteins. This is a method of ...

Dehydrating plant proteins at the speed of sound

Almost everyone is familiar with ultrasound—the high-frequency sound waves that bounce around in the body creating echo patterns that allow expectant parents to view their babies in the womb or clinicians to capture images ...

COVID-19 puts new science to the pressure test

By its very nature, science rarely offers a quick fix. New technologies and medicines often take years to prove that they are safe and effective. Yet the surging COVID-19 pandemic is forcing scientists to condense this process ...

Chemistry education goes online

With colleges and universities around the world shuttered because of the COVID-19 pandemic, chemistry teachers are navigating the shift to online learning. There are several factors to consider in this effort, from technology ...

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