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'Sexome' bacteria could help identify sex criminals

In her first publication in the journal Forensic Science International, Ms. Ruby Dixon demonstrated that bacteria can be transferred between a male and female during sexual intercourse and there is a possibility that bacterial ...

Video: What is meat?

Beyond "burgers." Impossible "meat." A huge meatball (supposedly) made from wooly mammoth DNA.

Elephant in the dining room: Startup makes mammoth meatball

Throw another mammoth on the barbie? An Australian company on Tuesday lifted the glass cloche on a meatball made of lab-grown cultured meat using the genetic sequence from the long-extinct pachyderm, saying it was meant to ...

What do the elements sound like?

In chemistry, we have He, Fe and Ca—but what about do, re and mi? Hauntingly beautiful melodies aren't the first things that come to mind when looking at the periodic table of the elements. However, using a technique called ...

How diluting ouzo liquor could lead to better emulsions

It sounds like a party trick: Add water to the clear, licorice-flavored ouzo liquor, and watch it turn cloudy. This "ouzo effect" is an example of an easy way to make highly stable emulsions—or mixtures of liquids that ...

Drug discovery and development—in space

Carrying out scientific experiments in space allows scientists to study and make drugs without gravity, which can lead to surprising results that improve research back on Earth. According to a cover story in Chemical & Engineering ...

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