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Political Science news

How hawkish is the Chinese public?

Chinese Communist Party officials often invoke the outrage of the Chinese people when disputing a foreign government's actions or demands. International observers are often skeptical of these claims about the overarching ...

dateMar 25, 2019 in Political Science
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How the global gag rule stifles free speech

During his first week in office, President Donald J. Trump issued an executive order known as the Expanded Global Gag Rule that cuts funding to foreign aid organizations that provide or refer women to abortions. A new journal ...

dateMar 08, 2019 in Political Science
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Sacrificing the climate for reelections

In business as well as international politics, the best and ideal agreement is one that is credible and expected to be complied with. Compliance often necessitates trade sanctions or other sufficiently severe consequences ...

dateMar 04, 2019 in Political Science
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Researcher studies impact of drug-trafficking violence

A UMass Lowell researcher who analyzes the causes and impacts of violence fueled by drug trafficking has won critical acclaim for her work and is bringing a fresh understanding of these issues from the streets into the classroom.

Small and medium-sized towns are surprisingly innovative

Small and medium-sized towns are increasingly appearing on the radar of policy makers all over Europe. Findings from a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation on the role and significance of these towns in ...

Solving the 'population problem' through policy

Australia has a problem with population. It's a problem with the potential to result in enormous chaos, risking the nation's economic well-being. And this problem is moving like an overcrowded Sydney train, careering out ...

Will terrorism continue to decline in 2019?

Lost in the headlines, rapidly accelerating news cycles and the pervasive fear generated by terrorist threats is the fact that terrorist attacks worldwide have actually been declining – in some areas substantially.

Right-wing extremism in Norway—changes and challenges

As a researcher, I have followed various extreme right groups and movements in Norway and Scandinavia during the last 30 years. There have been some significant changes during this time – changes that have an impact on ...

The death penalty, an American tradition on the decline

Capital punishment has been practiced on American soil for more than 400 years. Historians have documented nearly 16,000 executions, accomplished by burning, hanging, firing squad, electrocution, lethal gas and lethal injection. ...

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