Adobe Social gets predictive tool for hyper-targeting

Adobe Social gets predictive tool for hyper-targeting
Predictive Publishing Summary

( —Marketing and advertising executives are hearing a lot about the word "predictive," even outdistancing "SEO" as a key goal. That is partly due to software vendors having plenty to say about what their predictive analytics technology can do for businesses. Predictive analytics technology offers predictive data for customers, to optimize the marketer's efforts to increase customer responses and clicks. The data analyses can be used to guide future actions that can produce best results. It's a valued tool for business intelligence, and Adobe has announced that Adobe Social is getting something called predictive publishing. This is a new capability to become part of its Adobe Social service.

The new capability offers , historical data-driven recommendations, self-learning (the solution learns as it goes, with continual refinements to its recommendations) and social content optimization (best time to post).

The new capability in Adobe Social is in beta and is expected to be available this summer. The initial version offers Facebook integration; other social platforms will be added later this year. Adobe Social is making use of "advanced sentiment analysis" and predictive algorithms. Using historical data, the likely engagement level and sentiment around a specific Facebook post will be made known. Adobe Social will also recommend keywords, content types and timing for a better response.

The Adobe Social tool will launch with Facebook integration but more social platforms will be added to the software later in the year. The announcement was made at the Adobe Summit EMEA, the Digital Marketing Conference, in London earlier this week. At the event Adobe Social was announced as a "capability" "that predicts social content performance on to maximize engagement and ROI."

Adobe executives are saying that the key benefit of such a tool is that it removes the guesswork of customer behavior and replaces the guesswork with smarter analytics.

Predictive publishing is promoted as a step up from such engagement metrics as "likes" and fans, to a smarter view of how customers are engaging with the business.

"Traditionally, social posts are composed without a measurable, data-driven connection to how they will be received, and many marketers release big news or compelling content through social channels only to find that it falls flat in terms of engagement," according to an Adobe statement about its beta.

How it works: Customers open a widget showing an estimated range for the amount of Likes, comments, and shares a post will receive. They can identify other metrics, too, for tracking. Another key Adobe Social feature is timing. The tool will indicate if the post had best be delayed for posting later. Posts are not just targeted but (using Adobe's lingo) "hyper-targeted."

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Apr 27, 2013
Article states. . .
"The data analyses can be used to guide future actions that can produce best results."
- it should be noted that this technology doesn't help produce best results for society or the public. They are only talking about best results for making profits by a business. Looks like a great product that can give you an edge over the competition and be used to better target people susceptible to being convinced. You could use this to focus marketing dollars to take in more profit.

Apr 28, 2013
Reading of an effort to market to marketers. Wow. Gobbledygook-speak squared.

"predictive analytics, social content optimization, advanced sentiment analysis, engagement metrics, social content performance, data-driven connection, hyper-targeted."

Apr 28, 2013
Who the hell shops on MySpace? Er, sorry, I mean Facebooker.

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