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The ethical challenges of digital identity

The GDPR recently came into effect, confirming Europe's role as an example in personal data protection. However, we must not let it dissuade us from examining issues of identity, which have been redefined in this digital ...

Twitter offering 'topics,' from sports teams to K-pop

Twitter said Wednesday it is rolling out a feature that lets users follow topics the way they do people, starting with sports and K-pop, as part of its efforts to bring in and keep more users on the service.

Study: Russia's web-censoring tool sets pace for imitators

Russia is succeeding in imposing a highly effective internet censorship regime across thousands of disparate, privately owned providers in an effort also aimed at making government snooping pervasive, according to a study ...

Elon Musk back on Twitter after break

Elon Musk, who garnered attention for quitting Twitter last week, is back on the social platform, with little explanation for the hiatus or the return.

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