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Facebook critics start rival, independent 'oversight board'

A group of prominent Facebook critics, including one of the social network's early investors and a journalist facing jail time in the Philippines, are launching their version of an "oversight board" to rival the company's ...

Google launches AI lip-sync challenge

Google has launched a lip-sync challenge for anyone who cares to participate. Those interested can visit the site Google has set up and test their lip-synching skills. The challenge is being run by Google's AI Experiments ...

Google Maps shows COVID-19 hot spots

Google is updating its free mapping service this week with color-coding that maps out areas infected with COVID-19 cases, the search giant said in a blog post Thursday.

Microsoft adds features to its Teams groupchat product

Microsoft Corp. has announced on its blog that it has added new features to Microsoft Teams, a group chat competitor to Zoom. In its announcement, Microsoft outlined the new features and included screen grabs to demonstrate ...

Self-harm content on Instagram: 'Self-harm or self-help?'

Instagram users who post self-harm content online are choosing ambiguous hashtags in an attempt to circumvent the social media platform's ban on harmful content, a researcher at the University of Otago, Wellington, has found.

Tech giants strike deal with advertisers over hate speech

Web giants including Facebook struck a deal Wednesday with global advertisers to get on the same page on defining hate speech, a move aimed at helping companies steer clear of being associated with vile content.

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