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Reef halos may enable coral telehealth checkups worldwide

Coral reef halos, also known as grazing halos or sand halos, are bands of bare, sandy seafloor that surround coral patch reefs. These features, clearly-visible from satellite imagery, may provide a window into reef health ...

New fishing management tools for the Pyrenean marine coastline

The Pyrenean marine coastline has a high biological connectivity between fish populations that move around different habitats at a regional scale, according to the RESMED project (2019–2021), an initiative based on acoustic ...

France summit seeks action on ocean protection

World leaders, scientists and major companies gather in France this week to boost efforts to protect the oceans, which cover 70 percent of the planet but receive far less attention than land ecosystems.

Ecuador expands sea life protections around Galapagos

Ecuador created a massive new marine reserve Friday north of its Galapagos islands, forming a Pacific corridor up to Costa Rica's Cocos Island National Park to preserve species of migratory fauna, such as sharks.

4 LatAm nations create fishing-free corridor in east Pacific

Four Latin American countries announced Tuesday that they will expand and unite their marine reserves to create a vast corridor in the Pacific Ocean in hopes of protecting sea turtles, tuna, squid, hammerhead sharks and other ...

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