How fish evolved their bony, scaly armor

About 350 million years ago, your evolutionary ancestors—and the ancestors of all modern vertebrates—were merely soft-bodied animals living in the oceans. In order to survive and evolve to become what we are today, these ...

How to assemble a complete jaw

A USC-led team of scientists has made a drool-worthy discovery about how tendons and salivary glands develop in the jaw. Their results are published in a new study in Developmental Cell.

Brain size found to have decreased in domesticated cats

A combined team of researchers from the University of Vienna and National Museums Scotland, has found that the brain size of domestic cats is smaller than their African ancestors. In their paper published in the journal Royal ...

Embryonic cells sense stiffness in order to form the face

Cells in the developing embryo can sense the stiffness of other cells around them, which is key to them moving together to form the face and skull, finds a new study by UCL researchers.

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