'Smiling cat' Sh2-284 nebula captured in new image

This cloud of orange and red, part of the Sh2-284 nebula, is shown here in spectacular detail using data from the VLT Survey Telescope, hosted by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). This nebula is teeming with young ...

Self-sorting through molecular geometries

Researchers at Kanazawa University report in Communications Chemistry that certain pentagonal and hexagonal organic molecules exhibit self-sorting. The effect can be used to grow multilayered tubular structures that preserve ...

Creating Pandora on Earth

If you saw the movie Avatar on the big screen, you were more than likely awed by the 3-D spectacle of the planet Pandora.

Moving diagnostics out of the microwell

On many TV shows that depict chemistry in action, scientists are shown using bulky flasks and metal vats to perform reactions. In real labs, countless chemical reactions occur in microwells on small plastic plates. Scientists ...

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