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Superconductivity Mar 17, 2021

Magnetism meets topology on a superconductor's surface

Electrons in a solid occupy distinct energy bands separated by gaps. Energy band gaps are an electronic "no man's land," an energy range where no electrons are allowed. Now, scientists studying a compound containing iron, ...

General Physics Mar 15, 2021

The realization of a new type of information demon that profits from gambling strategies

Researchers at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP) in Italy and the PICO group at Aalto University in Finland have introduced the idea of an information demon that follows a customary gambling strategy ...

Nanophysics Mar 15, 2021

Universal sequence of Chern insulators in superconducting magic angle graphene

Scientists from ICFO, Princeton and NIMS have discovered a full sequence of symmetry-broken Chern insulators that are induced by strong correlations in magic angle graphene. The study has been published in Nature Physics.

Superconductivity Mar 15, 2021

Spontaneous superconducting currents in strontium ruthenate

Superconductivity is a complete loss of electrical resistance. Superconductors are not merely very good metals: they represent a fundamentally different electronic state. In normal metals, electrons move individually, and ...

General Physics Feb 24, 2021

Nature's funhouse mirror: Understanding asymmetry in the proton

Asymmetry in the proton confounds physicists, but a new discovery may bring back old theories to explain it.

Quantum Physics Feb 15, 2021

New physics rules tested on quantum computer

Aalto researchers have used an IBM quantum computer to explore an overlooked area of physics, and have challenged 100-year-old notions about information at the quantum level.

General Physics Feb 08, 2021

Neutrinos, atomic clocks and an experiment to detect a time dilation

Griffith University researchers are conducting an experiment at ANSTO that will test a revolutionary physics theory that time reversal symmetry-breaking by neutrinos might cause a time dilation at the quantum scale.

General Physics Jan 12, 2021

Physicists get closer to examining the symmetries underlying our universe

Every field has its underlying principles. For economics it's the rational actor; biology has the theory of evolution; modern geology rests on the bedrock of plate tectonics.

General Physics Dec 21, 2020

Looking for dark matter near neutron stars with radio telescopes

In the 1970s, physicists uncovered a problem with the Standard Model of particle physics—the theory that describes three of the four fundamental forces of nature (electromagnetic, weak, and strong interactions; the fourth ...

Condensed Matter Nov 25, 2020

Ideal type-II Weyl points are observed in classical circuits

The elementary particles that build the universe have two types: bosons and fermions, where the fermions are classified as Dirac, Weyl, and Majorana fermions. In recent years, Weyl fermions are found in condensed matter systems, ...

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