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Plants & Animals 8 hours ago

Who is selling and trafficking Africa's wild meat?

A new study classifies different types of wildlife traffickers and sellers in two of Central Africa's growing urban centers, providing new insight into the poorly understood urban illegal wildlife trade. The findings can ...

Earth Sciences 8 hours ago

Ocean currents modulate oxygen content at the equator

Due to global warming, not only the temperatures in the atmosphere and in the ocean are rising, but also winds and ocean currents as well as the oxygen distribution in the ocean are changing. For example, the oxygen content ...

Bio & Medicine 8 hours ago

MicroMESH: A microscopic polymeric network to attack glioblastoma multiforme

A micro-sized polymeric net wrapping around brain tumors, just like a fishing net around a shoal of fish: this is microMESH, a new nanomedicine device capable of conforming around the surface of tumor masses and efficiently ...

Plants & Animals 9 hours ago

UK waters are home again to the bluefin tuna

Atlantic bluefin tuna have returned to UK waters and can once again be seen during the summer and autumn months.

Plants & Animals 11 hours ago

Attack of the alien invaders: Pest plants and animals leave a $1.7 trillion bill

They're one of the most damaging environmental forces on Earth. They've colonized pretty much every place humans have set foot on the planet. Yet you might not even know they exist.

Space Exploration 11 hours ago

SpaceX has given up trying to catch rocket fairings—fishing them out of the ocean is fine

If there is one driving force in the commercial space industry it is economics. The whole concept of reusable booster rocket emphasizes the importance of getting launch costs down. SpaceX, the company leading the charge in ...

Environment Apr 17, 2021

Once again, volcanic Caribbean island looks to recovery

A group of nervous fish sellers got very close to La Soufrière, the volcano on the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, on the morning of May 7, 1902.

Paleontology & Fossils Apr 16, 2021

'Godzilla' shark discovered in New Mexico gets formal name

The 300-million-year-old shark's teeth were the first sign that it might be a distinct species.

Plants & Animals Apr 16, 2021

New analysis finds Spotted Owls harmed by post-fire logging, not fire

Are forest fires a threat to the imperiled Spotted Owl? For years, different groups of scientists assumed so, but a new study turns this assumption on its head. Researchers from the John Muir Project, Pennsylvania State University, ...

Environment Apr 16, 2021

Bottom trawling harms the ocean—and the climate

The destructive effects of ocean-bottom trawling are easy enough to imagine from any basic description of the practice. Heavy nets 100 yards wide, equipped with weighted rollers and steel doors, are dragged across the seafloor ...

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