Nova's mission is two-fold: * To carry out front-line astronomical research in the Netherlands * To train young astronomers at the highest international level NOVA is a federation of the astronomical institutes at the universities of Amsterdam, Groningen , Leiden and Nijmegen.


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Early universe bristled with starburst galaxies

In the first few billion years after the Big Bang, the universe contained far more so-called starburst galaxies than models predict. As many as 60 to 90% of the stars in the early universe appear to have been produced by ...

Astronomers take 'heartbeat' of black hole

A black hole gets a large corona before it emits jets. This is revealed, among other things, by the heartbeat graph that an international team of astronomers has made of a black hole and a star orbiting around each other. ...

Less powerful black hole blows environment clean after all

An international team of astronomers led by Dutch scientists has discovered that even a weak jet stream from a low-active black hole can be a kind of leaf blower to clean parts of a galaxy. The observed black hole removes ...

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