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Winners selected in 2015 Faces of Biology Photo Contest

"Photography is an effective tool for capturing the attention of general audiences," said Robert Gropp, Interim Co-Executive Director of AIBS. "It's important that we endeavor to help people understand how scientific research ...

dateDec 02, 2015 in Other
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Driving metabolic pathways on with sunlight

Most life forms are directly or indirectly dependent on photosynthesis. The question is, can we exploit sunlight more broadly than in carbohydrate production, making it effectively a synthetic biology part? As an answer to ...

dateDec 01, 2015 in Biotechnology
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Which came first—the sponge or the comb jelly?

Bristol study reaffirms classical view of early animal evolution. Whether sponges or comb jellies (also known as sea gooseberries) represent the oldest extant animal phylum is of crucial importance to our understanding of ...

dateDec 01, 2015 in Evolution
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