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Planck: Gravitational waves remain elusive

Despite earlier reports of a possible detection, a joint analysis of data from ESA's Planck satellite and the ground-based BICEP2 and Keck Array experiments has found no conclusive evidence of primordial ...

16 hours ago
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Scaling up armor systems

Dermal modification is a significant part of evolution, says Ranajay Ghosh, an associate research scientist in the College of Engineering. Almost every organism has something on its skin that provides important ...

23 hours ago
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Black hole chokes on a swallowed star

A five-year analysis of an event captured by a tiny telescope at McDonald Observatory and followed up by telescopes on the ground and in space has led astronomers to believe they witnessed a giant black hole ...

Jan 26, 2015
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COMSOL Server™ Now Available to Run Simulation Apps

COMSOL Server is the engine for running simulation apps and the hub for controlling their deployment, distribution, and use. View the Release Highlights to learn more.

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Airbnb to expand tax collection efforts

Online lodging operator Airbnb is expanding its efforts to collect local taxes, responding to complaints that it competes unfairly with the hotel sector.

Population genomics unveil seahorse domain

In a finding vital to effective species management, a team including City College of New York biologists has determined that the lined seahorse (Hippocampus erectus) is more a permanent resident of the we ...

Ebola reveals shortcomings of African solidarity

Second bird flu case confirmed in Canada

How are planets formed?

How did the Solar System's planets come to be? The leading theory is something known as the "protoplanet hypothesis", which essentially says that very small objects stuck to each other and grew bigger and ...

Super Bowl athletes are scientists at work

Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman gets called a lot of things. He calls himself the greatest cornerback in the NFL (and Seattle fans tend to agree). Sportswriters and some other players call him ...

Jay Z to acquire Wimp music service

US rap star Jay Z will make a $56-million foray into the music streaming business by taking over the Norwegian service Wimp, its shareholders confirmed Friday.

When Facebook goes down it takes big chunks of the internet with it

Checking social networks is a morning ritual for many, and when that routine is disrupted – as it was recently when Facebook's servers went down – its absence can come as a surprise. But what also becomes apparent is that when the world's most popular social network is inaccessible, so t ...

Colon cancer rates rising among Americans under 50

Altered dopamine signaling a clue to autism

Can Lean Management improve hospitals?

Fluorescent dyes 'light up' brain cancer cells

What exactly is coronavirus?

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The first optically synchronised free-electron laser

Scientists at DESY have developed and implemented an optical synchronisation system for the soft X-ray free-electron laser FLASH, achieving facility-wide synchronisation with femtosecond precision. The performance ...

Tweeting about sexism may improve a woman's wellbeing

Research finds 90 percent of home chefs contaminate food

She's not interested in sex but he thinks she is

'Vast majority' of neurosurgeons practice defensive medicine

A challenge to expedite Genervon's new ASL drug

Love helps solve the puzzle of human evolution

Diet and nutrition essential for mental health

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