Air taxis – why they're no longer pie in the sky

Imagine a taxi service that picked you up (into the sky) and then dropped you off after an exciting journey, completely free of road works and traffic lights. It has been claimed that air taxis could be flying us through ...

Warsaw taxis hold anti-Uber go slow

Hundreds of taxis on Thursday drove at a snail's pace across the Polish capital Warsaw in protest at the ride-sharing app Uber and other unlicenced competitors.

Are ride-hailing platforms keeping their drivers honest?

The rise of digital ride-hailing company Uber and its clashes with traditional taxi services is often cited as one of the classic stories of digital disruption, but is the platform also helping keep passengers from getting ...

Taxi strike stretches into eighth day in Spain

Taxi drivers in Spain dug their heels in and vowed to continue Wednesday a strike against ride hailing competitors such as Uber and Cabify that has paralysed major cities.

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