How shifting cloud patterns are exacerbating climate change

In a warming climate, cloud patterns are changing in ways that amplify global warming. A team of researchers led by Professor Johannes Quaas from Leipzig University and Hao Luo and Professor Yong Han from Sun Yat-sen University ...

Face to face with sun-eclipsing Proba-3

Through exquisite, millimeter-scale, formation flying, the dual satellites making up ESA's Proba-3 will accomplish what was previously a space mission impossible: Cast a precisely held shadow from one platform to the other, ...

Physicist reveals new hydrology model

Allen Hunt, Ph.D., professor of physics at Wright State University, published a new co-authored paper, "Predicting Streamflow Elasticity Based on Percolation Theory and Ecological Optimality," in the journal AGU Advances.

Understanding the role of the sun in climate change

Although the sun provides nearly all the energy needed to warm the planet, its contribution to climate change remains widely questioned. Many empirically based studies claim that it has a significant effect on climate, while ...

Measuring sunlight from space, on a chip

For 40 years, people have used space-based sensors to measure the amount of light coming from the sun, which gives scientists insight into climate change on Earth.

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