Family-friendly workplaces benefit employees, businesses

Paid leave and employee well-being are the focus of a three-part policy series on family-friendly business practices put together by the Brown School's Clark-Fox Policy Institute at Washington University in St. Louis.

Most consumers continue to expect rising food prices: Report

Most U.S. consumers surveyed in February 2024 predicted that they would see an increase in food prices over the next 12 months. Sixty-four percent of respondents predict food prices to rise in the next year, and the average ...

Networking: An opportunity or an obstacle for women?

Networking can help to build and improve informal working relationships. When done right, it can be a mutually beneficial exchange among individuals or groups, often leading to new opportunities or even promotions, making ...

Repeated sexual failures cause social stress in fruit flies

Repeated failures to reproduce make fruit flies stressed and frustrated, which in turn makes them less resilient to other types of stress, Julia Ryvkin at Bar-Ilan University and colleagues report in PLOS Genetics.

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