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Semiconductor sales leaders by year

This article lists the top 10~25 largest semiconductor companies by sales leaders since 1987.

The article distinguishes between two types of semiconductor companies:

Gartner Dataquest Corp. has the longest history as the reference publisher of this ranking. Another sources of semiconductor sales market share have also become available by iSuppli Corporation starting from for year 2000. Only corporate semiconductor revenues are taken into account and businesses activities outside this sphere are excluded, for example IBM non-semiconductor business lines are excluded.

In the majority of cases, rankings are based on the analysis of the financial reports of the chip makers, although definitional issues regarding chip types, multichip modules, foundry manufacturing and chip license revenues create differences in reported numbers. The ranking for a given year is published in March of the following year when all the financial reports of the companies are closed.

This text uses material from Wikipedia, licensed under CC BY-SA

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