Astronomers observe nova V659 Sct during outburst

Using the TIGRE telescope, astronomers have conducted spectroscopic observations of recently discovered nova known as V659 Sct during multiple phases of its outburst. Results of this observational campaign, presented in a ...

Predator snails fend off the invasion of barnacles in Japan

Introduced species can have tremendous ecological effects and can become a major threat to ecosystems. Invasion biology tries to understand the mechanisms that can limit and control the impacts of introduced species.

Seeing the light: Study finds new way novae light up the sky

A nova, or stella nova, the Latin word for "new star," is an explosion on the surface of a star that can produce enough energy to increase the star's brightness by millions of times. Sometimes a nova, which occur in stars ...

Strong storms generating earthquake-like seismic activity

A Florida State University researcher has uncovered a new geophysical phenomenon where a hurricane or other strong storm can spark seismic events in the nearby ocean as strong as a 3.5 magnitude earthquake.

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