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Curriculum change halved girls studying computing

The number of girls in England taking a GCSE in computing has more than halved since 2015, which could lead to continued male dominance of the digital space and harm the UK's aim to be a technology "superpower," researchers ...

Determining refractive index at relativistic speeds

If you studied advanced physics at high school, there's a good chance that you remember Snell's law, which states how a ray of light bends when it crosses a boundary between two media. According to this law, the ratio of ...

Mapping media bias: How AI powers a new media bias detector

Every day, American news outlets collectively publish thousands of articles. In 2016, according to The Atlantic, The Washington Post published 500 pieces of content per day; The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal ...

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Media Control Charts

The official Music Charts in Germany are gathered and published by the company Media Control GfK International on behalf of Bundesverband der phonographischen Wirtschaft (Federal Association of Phonographic Industry). Media Control GfK International is the provider of weekly Top-100 single/album, Compilation, Jazz Top-30, Classic Top-20, Schlager Longplay Top-20, Music-DVD Top-20 and the official-Dance (ODC) Top-50 charts.

Official charts in Germany are presented by various companies who release charts on weekly bases online or on television. One example would be VIVA music channel which was founded in 1993. Another two examples would be MusicLoad and MIX 1both of which are online associations who post almost all the charts on weekly bases published by Media Control GfK International. The entire batch of the official charts; however, is presented by online enterprise called Chart-Radio which happens to be the subsidiary of Media Control GfK International.

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