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How robots can help in the fight against toxic algae

Harmful algae blooms in lakes are a major environmental problem, producing extremely dangerous toxins that can taint water supplies or harm other organic life—including people. Biologists can test water safety by collecting ...

Is it OK to kick a robot dog?

Last Saturday night, a young woman out on the town in Brisbane saw a dog-shaped robot trotting towards her and did what many of us might have felt an urge to do: she gave it a solid kick in the head.

Deep learning may help to prevent salmon escapes in rough seas

Artificial intelligence can be of great benefit underwater and SINTEF, in collaboration with the research center SFI Exposed, is developing systems that will help to boost fish farm safety and security under harsh sea conditions.

Artemis: why it may be the last mission for NASA astronauts

Neil Armstrong took his historic "one small step" on the moon in 1969. And just three years later, the last Apollo astronauts left our celestial neighbour. Since then, hundreds of astronauts have been launched into space ...

Balancing risk and reward in planetary exploration

NASA's Mars rovers strive for groundbreaking scientific discoveries as they traverse the Martian landscape. At the same time, the crews operating the rovers do all they can to protect them and the billions of dollars behind ...

Four-legged jumping robots to explore the moon

A four-legged robot trained through artificial intelligence has learned the same lesson as the Apollo astronauts—that jumping can be the best way to move around on the surface the moon. An update on LEAP (Legged Exploration ...

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