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Destroyed Mosul artefacts to be rebuilt in 3D

It didn't take long for the scientific community to react. Two weeks after the sacking of the 300 year-old Mosul Museum by a group of ISIS extremists went viral on Youtube, researchers from the ITN-DCH, IAPP and 4D-CH-WORLD ...

Infographic explains NASA's Orion EFT-1 flight in detail

For many of us, it's easier to comprehend complex processes when they are expressed visually. That was the impetus for artist Gary Schroeder in creating this wonderful hand-sketched infographic for NASA's Exploration Flight ...

CIA joins Twitter, Facebook

The secretive US spy agency joined the world of social media Friday, and quickly had the Twitterverse talking.

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Flickr is an image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform. In addition to being a popular website for users to share personal photographs, the service is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository. As of June 2009[update], it claims to host more than 3.6 billion images, up from 3 billion in November 2008.

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