UN 'survival guide' report an urgent warning on climate

The world will cross the key 1.5-degree Celsius global warming limit in about a decade, the UN said Monday, warning that devastating impacts of climate change are hitting faster than expected.

How economic hardship fuels support for the far right

Globalization and economic hardship related to financial crises are known to have boosted support for far-right parties and socially conservative political agendas aimed at restricting the rights of marginalized groups including ...

How gig workers have adapted to working in isolation

In the wake of the pandemic, it is clear that remote work is here to stay. It seems every week there are more news stories about workers preferring to work remotely, or companies closing physical office spaces.

Rich nations oppose new biodiversity fund

Creating a new global fund for biodiversity—a core demand of developing countries at UN talks in Montreal—"would take years" and be less effective than reforming existing financial mechanisms, Canada's environment minister ...

Industry lobbies against biodiversity goals: research

Lobbyists for pesticide and fertiliser producers are pushing "behind the scenes" against stronger protection for species and ecosystems at the COP15 biodiversity conference, research showed Thursday.

Study explores crowdfunding and entrepreneurial failure

As means to raise capital for a business venture, crowdfunding has come increasingly to the fore since the advent of social media. A good campaign that goes viral can quickly bring adequate funds for an adventurous start-up. ...

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