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Space Exploration 9 hours ago

What Artemis will teach us about living, working on the moon

Humans have not had much of an opportunity to work on the moon. The 12 Apollo astronauts who got to explore its surface clocked in 80 hours in total of discovery time. From their brief encounters, and from extensive analyses ...

Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Why the moon is such a cratered place

Look up on a clear night and you can see some circular formations on the face of our lunar neighbour. These are impact craters, circular depressions found on planetary surfaces.

Earth Sciences 10 hours ago

Could humans live in lava tubes on the moon?

In 2017, Purdue University researchers helped discover a lava tube on the moon that could protect astronauts from hazardous conditions on the surface. Now, 3-D image reconstructions of lava tubes on Earth could help assess ...

Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Diamond shines its light on moon rocks from Apollo missions, Martian meteorites and Vesta

Nearly 50 years after our first steps on the moon, samples from the Apollo missions, Mars and Vesta still have a lot to tell us about the formation of the planets and the Earth's volcanoes, and Diamond Light Source is helping ...

Astronomy 11 hours ago

ESA identifies demand for satellites around the moon

Dozens of very different commercial and institutional missions to the moon are planned for the coming decades.

Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Opinion: Young Americans deserve a 21st-century moonshot to Mars

"Hidden Figures" and "First Man" were arguably the most inspirational space-themed movies of the last several years. Both, though, had to reach back to the glory days of John Glenn and Neil Armstrong. The faces of my children ...

Space Exploration Jul 16, 2019

At 82, NASA pioneer Sue Finley still reaching for the stars

Sue Finley began work at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as the US prepared to launch its first satellite into orbit in 1958, racing to match the Soviet Union, which had accomplished the feat months earlier.

Social Sciences 8 hours ago

Americans reflect on Apollo 11 and the space program

On the 50th anniversary of the first Apollo landing on the moon, American adults cite the 1969 lunar landing as NASA's most important achievement in its 60-year history.

Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Image: Chang'e-4 lander

At a time when ESA is looking forward to future lunar exploration, it turns out there is already some small but crucial ESA-developed hardware in operation on the far side of the moon.

Space Exploration 9 hours ago

Flying the final approach to Tranquility Base

As the Apollo 11 lunar module approached the Moon's surface for the first manned landing, commander Neil Armstrong switched off the autopilot and flew the spacecraft manually to a landing.

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