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Astronomy Sep 5, 2023

It's going to take more than early dark energy to resolve the Hubble tension

Our best understanding of the universe is rooted in a cosmological model known as LCDM. The CDM stands for cold dark matter, where most of the matter in the universe isn't stars and planets, but a strange form of matter that ...

Ecology Sep 4, 2023

EU chief warns wolf packs 'real danger' in Europe

Brussels launched a review Monday of laws protecting wolves from hunters and farmers, as EU chief Ursula von der Leyen argued that packs threaten livestock and perhaps even people.

Evolution Aug 31, 2023

Mutation rates in whales found to be much higher than previously reported

An international team of marine scientists, led by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands and the Center for Coastal Studies in the U.S., has studied the DNA of family groups from four different whale species to estimate ...

Plants & Animals Aug 29, 2023

Broken by bison, aspen saplings having a tough time in northern Yellowstone

In northern Yellowstone National Park, saplings of quaking aspen, an ecologically important tree in the American West, are being broken by a historically large bison herd, affecting the comeback of aspen from decades of over-browsing ...

Ecology Aug 23, 2023

How a lone 'immigrant' wolf revived a forest ecosystem

In 1997, a lone wolf crossed an ice bridge that briefly connected Canada with the remote Isle Royale, which lies off the coast of Michigan in Lake Superior and is renowned for its rich biodiversity.

Space Exploration Aug 23, 2023

Russia has declared a new space race, hoping to join forces with China. Here's why that's unlikely

This week, the Russian space agency Roscosmos had hoped to return to the moon after an absence of nearly 50 years. Instead, on Saturday it lost control of its Luna-25 lander. The agency explained the spacecraft "switched ...

Plants & Animals Aug 23, 2023

Policy framework for coexisting with wolves, bears and mountain lions could benefit people and the environment

A video showing a close encounter between a hiker in Utah and a mountain lion defending her cubs went viral in 2020. The video, during which the hiker remained calm as the mountain lion followed him for several minutes, served ...

Ecology Aug 22, 2023

Study sheds light on the decline of Minnesota's moose population

Minnesota saw a 58% decline of the moose population in the northeastern part of the state between 2006 and 2017. A primary driver of the decline is brainworm, a parasite that affects the animal's nervous system ultimately ...

Ecology Aug 22, 2023

Crying wolf to save livestock and their predator

Using a powerful torch, Aliki Buhayer-Mach momentarily drenches a nearby mountain top in light, straining to see if wolves are lurking in the shadows.

Ecology Aug 21, 2023

How Salmonella grow together in the gut and exchange antibiotic resistance

The ability to utilize a mere single alternative food source is all it takes for diarrhea-causing Salmonella bacteria to bloom when a gut is already colonized by a closely related strain, according to researchers from ETH ...

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