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Social Sciences Sep 19, 2023

Shops and restaurants can help blur class lines, but interactions may not be meaningful enough to boost social mobility

"Titanic," James Cameron's 1997 multi-Oscar-winning movie, focused on the tragic love story of itinerant artist Jack and upper-class socialite Rose. Among their other on-board adventures, they dined in the first-class section ...

Biotechnology Sep 19, 2023

Team looks to plant tissues that move for inspiration in designing artificial actuators

Scientists are looking to plant tissues that are capable of motion to inspire the design and fabrication of artificial actuators. These bioinspired actuators hold significant potential in applications, such as soft robotics, ...

Cell & Microbiology Sep 19, 2023

Scientists show how the signaling molecules BMP and FGF guide cell differentiation during embryonic development

Bricklayer, banker, teacher—choosing a career is one of the most exciting and important decisions in our lives. At the beginning of embryonic development, our cells are also faced with this decision. Some of them become ...

Social Sciences Sep 18, 2023

Healthy connections can help kids cope with cyberbullying

TikTok, Instagram or YouTube, whatever the platform, if your teen is active on social media, they may encounter cyberbullying. In fact, 44% of Aussie teens say they've had a negative online experience in the past six months.

Social Sciences Sep 18, 2023

Social interactions during field courses relate to student identity

Undergraduate students in scientific field courses often talk about their research with mentors, peers, family and friends and those interactions are important in shaping student views of themselves as scientists, according ...

Education Sep 18, 2023

Of Australian students with a disability, 70% are excluded at school. Education reforms can fix this

The National School Reform Agreement is made about once every five years in Australia. This is the main way the federal government can steer changes in how Australian schools are run.

Social Sciences Sep 15, 2023

Good manners, obedience and unselfishness: Data reveal how UK parenting priorities compare with other nations

Changing attitudes to parenting mean the UK public now rank among the lowest internationally for the importance they place on obedience or responsibility in children, and among the highest for how much they value unselfishness, ...

Analytical Chemistry Sep 15, 2023

'Crappier-than-crap' molecule exposed in overhaul of carbon-nitrogen-hydrogen chemistry

Russian researchers have explained why scientists studying crude oil and celestial chemistry—as well as certain down-to-earth matters—frequently come across some molecules incorporating carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen ...

Cell & Microbiology Sep 15, 2023

Notorious fungus Aspergillus fumigatus completely scrambles its genome after just one bout of sex

Researchers at Wageningen University & Research (WUR) have found that Aspergillus fumigatus produces more meiotic crossovers than any other organism. This means that the fungus can establish its complex resistance mechanism ...

Political science Sep 14, 2023

New poll shows 77% of Massachusetts residents support $600 child and family tax credit

New polling data released late last week shows 77% of surveyed Massachusetts residents support a $600 state Child and Family Tax Credit. This polling confirms the popularity of the more generous Child and Family Tax Credit ...

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